The Patrol Boat is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. The twenty-ninth in the game, it is played during Chapter 3-3. All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]



Josh Stone: "Oh shit!"

Chris Redfield: Damn it! They're gonna to sink us!

Josh: "We've got to do something!"

Chris: "We gotta get aboard that ship!"

Josh: "Hold on! Get ready!"

Jill Valentine (flashback): "What are you going to do about them?"

Ricardo Irving (flashback): "You're just one of Excella's playthings!"

Irving (flashback): "It was your master who was--"

Jill (flashback): One more time! What are you going to do about them?"

Irving (flashback): "Alright! Alright! I'll handle it."

Jill (flashback): "Use it."

Irving (flashback): "This?"

Irving: "Won't you two just die already!? You're making me look bad! Who do you think got this entire operation off the ground? Research like this doesn't fund itself, you know. Yet everyone looks down on me. But not anymore."

Sheva: "Don't do it!"

Irving: "I'm far beyond anything you could ever hope to become!"

Chris: "Shit."

Irving: "I just had an extreme make-over!"

Josh Stone: 「しまった!!」

Chris Redfield: 「クソッ    無茶しやがる!」

Josh: 「ここから    どうする!?」

Chris: 「こっちから乗り込む!」

Josh: 「わかった    つかまってろ!」

Jill Valentine (flashback): 「後始末はどうするの」

Ricardo Irving (flashback): 「エクセラのおもちゃが!」

Jill (flashback): 「後始末はどうする!」

Irving (flashback): 「わかった! わかったよ! ケリはつける」

Jill (flashback): 「使いなさい」

Irving (flashback): 「これは?」

Irving: 「さっさとくたばってりゃいいものを!」
「あいつら    誰のお陰で計画が進めれたと思ってんだ」
「金を集めたのは    俺様だぞ!」

Sheva: 「諦めなさい!」

Irving: 「俺はな…… そめえらクズとは違うんだよ!」

Chris: 「くそ!」

Irving: 「俺様をコケにした 事を後悔しろ!」



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