"Outskirts of Raccoon City. Echo Six has dicovvered how crucial Sherry Birkin is. However, any further search and rescue is impossible until Echo Six deal with an Umbrella Security Service base."

The Places We're Meant To Die (死に場所 shinibasho?) is a DLC mission in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City for the Echo Six campaign.


Echo Six makes its way through the streets of Raccoon City towards the P-12A Incinerator Facility, otherwise known as the "Dead Factory". At this point Umbrella's paramilitary begins dropping pods contaning several hunters into the cemetery to thwart the team. After finally breaking through they come across another squadran of Spec Ops in a face-off with a U.S.S. barricade set up with several automated turrets which Echo Six decide to try and flank. Upon entering the factory Four-Eyes is heard over the radio taunting Echo Six, mentioning unleashing B.O.W.s to finally put them down for good. In a massive warehouse area a Tyrant is dropped in by Umbrella and Echo Six take it down only to have another Tyrant pop up. Dee-Ay calls for emergency support to command which reply by dropping in a portable rail gun capable of killing Tyrants in one shot. (Casual difficulty unknown if more shots on higher difficulties) However this doesn't kill it off and instead super charges it into a Super Tyrant. To make matters worse another three Tyrants also find their way into the warehouse and become Super Tyrants thanks to the rail cannon. Although it looks like the cannon would be a set back it also kills the Super Tyrants with ease.


Spec Ops Command: Echo Six, we still need to secure Sherry Birkin before Umbrella does. They have a significant force advantage on the ground in Raccoon City.
We need to disable their forward operating base at the P-12A Waste Disposal Facility, known as the 'Dead Factory'.
Make your way there and neutralize all Umbrella forces present.


Weapons that can be found during the mission:

Dropped by enemies

Found during the mission


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