The Port (Night) is the location in Resident Evil 5 in which name of the level is where the Ndesu is battled.


Chris, Sheva and Dave was attacked by Ndesu. Dave was later killed by the Ndesu, as the other two would ran straight to the back of a Gambit and use two turrets gun to fight it. As the battle begins, player must shoot to its head to avoid being smashed or punched. Once the Ndesu began to struggle, it'll show four plaga parasites which player can must shoot in order to exposed its main target, the massive plaga that burst from Ndesu's spine. During the battle, about two or three Majini will try to attack from a distance.

After defeating the Ndesu, both Chris and Sheva proceed to the Marshlands.



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Further notes

Because of the area's naming, it may be the same location as The Port.



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