The Sad Truth is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Mia finally finds Ethan on the ship's bottom level.



Eveline: I need you to do something for me.

Mia Winters: Ethan...

Jack Baker: "Ethan."
"I know, I know—I'm not going to hurt you. Hell, I never would have if I could have helped it."

Ethan Winters: "What do you mean?"

Jack: "I'm no killer, son. Neither is Marguerite, nor my boy, Lucas. Or even Zoe here."
"That girl, Eveline. She did this."

Ethan: "What the hell is she? Now what did she do to you?"

Jack: "She infected us with her gift. That's what she calls it. I found her near a busted-out tanker in the bayou."
"Everything changed after that."

Ethan: "So she infects you, and then she takes control?"

Jack: "No, not exactly, son."
"She just--she forces her way into your mind and your soul and... you can't fight back. You are connected to her, and you can't resist the urge to..."
"You're a different person after that."

Ethan: "Just like Mia. So Mia sent me that message because of Eveline."

Jack: "Listen, the girl just wants a family of her own."
"She's the key, alright? You find her and you stop her."
"Ethan, free my family—please."

Jack Baker: 「イーサン」

Ethan Winters: 「どういうことだ?」

Jack: 「殺したかったわけじゃない    マーガレットだって同じだよ    息子のルーカスもな」

Ethan: 「あの子は何なんだ? あんたたちに何をした?」

Jack: 「あの子は妙な力を使い俺たちを感染させた」
「あの子は    俺が沼地の船のそばで見つけた」

Ethan: 「感染させて人を支配しりのか?」

Jack: 「いや    感染させて人を支配しりのか?」
「あの子は    無理矢理心に入り込むんだそうなったら…」

Ethan: 「ミアが送ったメッセージもエヴリンの仕業か」

Jack: 「いいかあの子は…ただ自分の家族が欲しいだけだ」
「エヴリンが鍵だ    いいな?」
お前なれあの子を    止められるはずだ」
「イーサン    家族を自由にしてくれ    お願いだ」


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