The Sluice Operator's Last Words is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


The file can be found on the crane platform by either Barry or Natalia, during Episode 4: Metamorphosis.


(Written in Russian)
The virus has breached the facility's containment measures.
Men are driven mad by it. And the women…they suffer horribly before dying. Honestly, I don't know which is worse.
The madmen lash out in a senseless rage and attack without provocation. I've survived so far by shooting them on sight or hiding. But these men…they used to be my friends.

Funny, out of all the places I could've ended up, fitting I'd end up back here.
I worked alongside this crane for the past 30 years. This place has been my life.
I guess it's more of a home than my home was. I've always been a workaholic.

And my family paid the price for that. I was never around as much as I should have been.
Well, this is where I'll make my last stand. I've still got a few bullets left, but nowhere else to run.
If there's an afterlife and ...I hope my family will give me another chance there.

研究所から、 ウィルスが流出した。

男は、 ほとんどが醜い狂人になり、女は、 もがき苦しみながら死んでいった……。

襲いかかってくる狂人たち……かつては仲間だった者たちを撃ち殺しながら、 必死で逃げ回った……。

最後にたどり着いたのは、 仕事場だった。 30年間、 苦楽を共にしたクレーン。 その上に今、 俺はいる。

無意識にここにたどり着くなんて、 俺ってやつは骨の髄まで仕事人間らしい。

銃の弾はまだ残っている。 ここを死に場所に決めた。 俺にはお似合いだ。

仕事ばかりでかまってやれなかった家族に、 あの世で謝りたい。




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