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The Sooner the better is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays during the Leon A and Leon B scenarios.


Ada returns to Leon after her rush in with Annette, and fixes up his gunshot wound.


Ada Wong: "Leon..."

Leon S. Kennedy: "This bullet wound isn't making things any easier..."

Ada: "Quiet, Leon... I'll patch you up."

Ada: "That's two I owe you."

Leon: "Don't mention it."

Ada: "I just found out: John's dead."

Leon: "What?"

Ada: "Nevermind. Let's just get out of here—the sooner the better."

Ada Wong:「レオン!」

Leon S. Kennedy:「大丈夫だ これくらい・・・」

Ada:「静かに・・・ 今 手当てするわ」

Ada:「また 借りが出来たわ」


Ada:「ジョンはもう・・・ 死んだわ」


Ada:「何でも・・・ さあ行きましょう ここは危険よ」


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