The Storage Facility is a cutscene in Resident Evil 5. All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[1]


Chris and Sheva reach the checkpoint of the storage facility where the items appears. They received a call from BSAA HQ. Chris tells HQ that the people was acting Ganados from the detailed Kennedy Report, but different. The HQ state their mission; Locate and Capture Irving, and then tell them that the Delta team will assist there. While the HQ hang up, Chris and Sheva proceed to collect items before moving on.


Irving: "Let's go."

Chris: "I got it."

Sheva: "What was that thing?"

Chris: "A B.O.W. that scum bag Irving left behind to set us up."
"Considering what it did to Alpha Team... I think we're lucky to still be breathing."

Sheva: "If only we could have gotten there sooner."

Chris: "If we had, we'd probably be dead too."
"Chris to HQ, do you copy?"

BSAA HQ: "This is HQ. Excellent work out there. We'll analyze the data immediately."

Chris: "This whole town's gone to hell."
"The people here they're acting like those Ganado detailed in the Kennedy Report and aside from that, there's something new, something we've never encounted before."

Sheva: "Our transportion has been taken out too. Requesting a mission update."

BSAA HQ: "The mission stands. Capturing Irving is your top priority. We believe he may have fled to the mines on the other side of the train station."

Chris: "Wait, we're the only two left, you want us to go in there alone?"

BSAA HQ: "Delta Team have been dispatched and are on their way."
"They will assist you in locating and apprehending Irving."

Sheva: "But wait, we can't..."

BSAA HQ: "I repeat, your mission stands. We can't afford to let him get away. Proceed to the mines beyond the station. Over and out."

Sheva: "This is insane!"

Chris: "You ever get the feeling you're expendable?"

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