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The Thin Man was a member of the group of survivors initially led by Doc .[1]


The thin man, by the tenth and final year of the T-virus outbreak, was part of a small group of survivors barricaded in an office building near the center of Raccoon City.

After a successful skirmish with forces led by a clone of Dr. Alexander Isaacs, the thin man joined an armed group led by Alice seeking to infiltrate the nearby Umbrella compound known as the Hive and release a cure fabled to reside within.

One by one, however, members of the group were picked off by traps and defense mechanisms controlled by Albert Wesker. The thin man fell through a trap door in one of the many winding corridors of the facility, landing dozens of feet below on a metal grating which itself opened into a deep pit. Although the thin man attempted to hold onto the grating, his hands were crushed when it closed again and he fell to his death on the jagged rocks below.

The group paused briefly out of respect for the thin man before continuing and, after a handful of further setbacks, ultimately unleashing the cure in the same city the virus itself spawned from. 

Behind the scenes

The thin man was an unnamed survivor who appeared in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. He was played by Milton Schorr, whose stunt double was Owen Macrae.


Further notes

The Thin Man's equivalent in the novelization is Jeff Moran.


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