The Ties that Bind (不思議な絆 Fushigina kizuna?) is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is present in Chapter 5 of the Ada Story. Storyboards were drawn by either Takeshi Miyazawa or Yoshihiro Sono, and were published in the BIOHAZARD 6 STORY GUIDE book.


With Simmons dispatched in fire, Ada says, "So cute". She tells him that he is really confused by dramatic unveiling. However, she replied, "It's kind of fun to watch". She messaged Leon with her cube and then bid him a final farewell before departing, though he shout her name one last time. She must proceed to the secret laboratory.


Ada: "So cute."
"You're really confused by all this, aren't you, Leon?"
"It's kind of fun to watch."
Leon: "Ada!"

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