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The Tofu Survivor is a secret mode in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It is unlocked once all Chronicles chapters have been finished once. It will appear in the main menu with the word "Secrets" and the description of "???".

The minigame has Claire as the playable character with only the Handgun and Knife at her disposal. The objective of the mode is to reach the Shopping district west while starting from the Police station front entrance.

All enemies are replaced with Tofus of which behave similar to the common zombies in the game, each Tofu "body part" gives points, even after they are dead. The minigame can't be paused and there are no checkpoints to be had, however, it is possible to set a difficulty to it by going into the options menu and switching to whichever difficulty is desired before starting the minigame.

Once finished, the player will earn the Tofu Smack Down! award in the PlayStation 3 version and the S.T.A.R.S. Mission title, it is also possible to see the best score achieved by going into the Score menu (which is the only place where "The Tofu Survivor" name can be seen), but there is no online leaderboard list for this mode. Additionally, even if the Handgun is fully upgraded, it will still remain the same in this minigame, with 15 bullets for each magazine and a relatively slow fire rate plus reload speed.


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