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The Tofu Survivor (THE 豆腐 Survivor) is a parody of the minigame "The 4th Survivor", also in Resident Evil 2. The Tofu Survivor plays out exactly the same as The 4th Survivor, but instead of HUNK, players take on the role of "The Tofu". The objective, like HUNK's, is to evacuate Raccoon City by reaching the escape helicopter, and the mission is also timed and ranked. The minigame is unlocked by completing any scenario, or a combination of scenarios of the main game, six times in a row, all in under two and a half hours with a flawless "A" ranking.

The Tofu Survivor is not only a joke version of the minigame, but it is also the hardest mission in the game, as Tofu is only armed with a Combat Knife and a few Herbs (specifically, two Green Herbs and one Blue Herb), giving players an even harder challenge compared to The 4th Survivor. To help with this, Tofu has lots of stamina and can take a large load of damage. Additionally, instead of limping when in Caution status, he is still able to run normally, and also changes color to show how much damage he has taken, from pure white (Fine) to crimson red (Danger), and even turns purple when poisoned. However, Danger and Poison status still causes Tofu to limp slower. He also has his own damage grunts, and screams in Japanese whenever attacked or killed, regardless of the game's version. Ironically, things don't go very well for Tofu, as HUNK appears to be eating a part of him aboard the helicoper in the ranking screen.

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