The Vanished and the New is the thirteenth level in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps' "The Experiment" story mode.


Mission select

Beatrice Bertrand

The lead resercher in charge of this experiment has mysteriously disappeared. Useless prick. Thanks to him they called me back from my vacation. Well, let's get this over with. There's a shot of tequila in the Carribean with my name on it.

The lab rat has completed the experiment. He doesn't know anything about what's going on, or just how fucked up the previous researcher running the experiments was. I was hoping the rat would die and that'd be the end of things.

Loading screen

Jul. 6, 2012

The Plaga has feven found it's way to the regional wildlife infecting a type of African wild dog. The natives called it Adjule.
It'll rip you to shreds if you're not careful.




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