The Vestibule is a file in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Readable at the Vestibule's book by default.


The Vestibule

Welcome to The Vestibule. You will return here each time you clear a mission.

After returning, make preparations and embark on your next mission. This is the basic flow of Raid Mode.

You can access Raid Mode's features by examining the different objects inside the Vestibule.

1 Mannequin (Character Customization) Select your character and make adjustments to your weapons and skills.

2 Red Door (Deployment Options) Choose a mission type or select Quick Match.★

3 Workbench (Weapon Customization)
Attach custom parts to your weapons to make them stronger.

4 Jukebox (Item Evaluation)
Evaluate items (albums) you've found in order to use or equip them.

5 Black Phone (Store)
Buy weapons/custom parts and upgrades or restock ammo and consumable items.
You can also purchase Raid Mode add-ons in the PlayStation®Store.

6 Blue Door (Matchmaking)
Search for co-op partners or matches to join.★

7 Buletin Board (Rankings)
View Rankings for various categories and Raid Mode related records.

8 Gramophone (Voice Recordings)
Listen to the mysterious voice that can be heard in the Vestibule.

9 Book (About Raid Mode)
View explanations and information about Raid Mode.

10 Toolbox (Combine Parts)
Combine parts of the same type to create new parts one level above the original parts.

11 Chair (Leave)
Sit in the chair to leave Raid Mode. Do this during a multiplayer session and you will leave the session. You can exit through the pause menu as well.★

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