The War Isn't Over, known in Japanese as To a New Battlefield ( (あら)たなせんち (戦地) aratana senchi e?), is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played at the end of Chapter 5 of Chris' Story.


In the aftermath of the Lanshiang incident, Captain Chris Redfield settles down to a steak dinner. Bookending from the opening scene, a BSAA operator arrives to notify him they're being redeployed, but this time Chris is committed.


Soldier: "Captain."
"We've received new orders."
Chris: "All right."
"Better get to it, then."
Soldier: "Yes, sir!"

Soldier: 「隊長」
Chris: 「わかった」
Soldier: 「了解!」


Further notesEdit

  • Based on storyboards, Chris was supposed to be eating hotdogs, referencing Piers Nivans eating hotdogs in Chris' opening. In both occasions this was changed to a steak dinner.



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