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Thor's Hammer aka Albert-02 is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard's Not A Hero DLC and Resident Evil Village.



Thor's Hammer - AW Model-02 (トールハンマー<A.W.モデル02> tōruhanmā<A.W.moderu02>?) is part of Chris' starting inventory during the Not A Hero scenario. It takes up 2 spaces of inventory and can hold 12 Shotgun Shells.

It comes initially equipped with the Thor's Hammer Sight A which can be exchanged with Thor's Hammer Sight B or Thor's Hammer Sight C if the player unlocks them.

It has a similarly tight spread akin to the M21 Shotgun while having an extended magazine far superseding that of the M37 shotgun. Its rate of fire sits in between the 2 other shotguns present in the main campaign but is generally much more combat viable and adaptable in any situation.

Further notes[]

  • It has been confirmed by both Capcom and Tokyo Marui that there will be airsoft replicas of it.[1]
  • In Norse Mythology, Thor is the Norse God of Thunder, and Thor's Hammer (which this weapon is named after) is Mjölnir.