• Hi.

    When you have the time, can you upload screencaps of the pages for the Researcher's Letter from Jill's scenario in the 1996 and 2002 versions? We currently have screencaps for Chris's scenario, but not Jill's. Normally, there wouldn't be a need for files from both scenarios since they generally are the same if they are in both scenarios rather than exclusive to one scenario. However, this particular file actually has some differences between the two scenarios. Namely, in Jill's scenario, the salutation and first paragraph is missing (understandable, since Wesker, either directly or via Barry Burton, most likely had it torn off due to it containing a strongly-worded hint at Wesker's involvement in Umbrella).

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    • A'right, I see what I can do.

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    • Hey, I have uploaded the screencaps for the Researcher's Will for Jill's scenario.

      In the original Resident Evil, page 1-2 appears is missing where as in RemakeĀ only page 1,10-12 are still available.

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