• Would you like to take some time and discuss with me how we should edit mercenary pages? I saw your edits here and I see some good ideas but the images for the enemies is questionable and the map key could probably be replaced making the image a wiki map and adding our own pins onto it.

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    • A'right, we can discuss it here. Here's my idea on how the Mercenaries pages should look like: 

      Area 51 is a mercenaries stage in Resident Evil.



      Map Layout

      (Note: There are two test pins, Chicken and Trap).


      ===Time Bonus===

      (Pictures that show the time bonus location.)

      Combo Bonus

      (Pictures that show the combo bonus location.)

      It's the best I could think of. Any other ideas?

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    • Welllllllllll its more complicated than that. Fore made the categories to organize them for the time being. For these RE5 maps, we need to include space for all variants. Mercenaries, No Mercy, Mercenaries Reunion, Versus, Slayers, and Mercenaries 3D. They should really use the category "RE extra mode maps" or whatever that menu in the game is called (can't remember at the moment).

      I'll start working on a mock up of my own.

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    • A FANDOM user
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