• Hello to all in the Resident Evil community! We are happy to announce that we are helping to sponsor TheSpeedGamers in their hopefully now well-known seventy-two Resident Evil marathon event for Direct Relief International! TheSpeedGamers will start their live-stream at 6PM CT (Midnight for UK viewers) on Friday, October 13th (yes, Friday the 13th!). They plan to play through all your favourite console releases - that’s all the numbered titles; CODE:Veronica and Revelations 1 and 2. It’s a 72-hour marathon, so you can have fun and join them anytime from when they start to during the weekend.

    All proceeds raised will be donated to the Direct Relief, a humanitarian charity dedicated to helping those affected by poverty and emergencies. Now is an especially good time to help support others because of the recent hurricanes.

    You can also win some prizes from Etsy vendors such as perlers, necklaces, etc. Capcom will also be present to support their cause and giving out prizes such as RE7 Collectors Edition, the RE7 USB finger thumb drive, and a few of the rare Ecliptic Express hideaway books that were made for the release of the Resident Evil Origins Collection in 2016.

    Again, the stream starts October, Friday the 13th. We encourage everyone to be part of the community and fandom to have fun, and to support others together, so hopefully we’ll see you guys there!

    Check the following links for more info:

    TheSpeedGamers on Twitch (where event will be streamed)

    TheSpeedGamers on facebook:

    TheSpeedGamers blog press release:

    Direct Relief website:

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