• So, instead of actually being mature you're going to lash out and insult pretty much anyone who doesn't have an account on this place? That's really going to REALLY convince people to join this place, I'm just a lurker and I'm actually insulted by how you're pretty much shitting on every anonymous user who ventures on this wiki. He might be wrong, I don't really care if he is as I have no real intention of staying here long term if this is how long term users treat anonymous users. 

    It'd also be pretty nice if you sourced this information as anyone can say "unused" content and say that Jill was actually intended to be a super secret character in the game, so I've removed it. Provide a source and it can stay, quite simple.

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    • For the record, the source is the game files, you'd know this if you'd look.

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    • "the source is the game files" 
      "you'd know this if you'd look"

      You don't strike me as someone who's entirely there in the head, because you're expecting someone to just know how to rip into a games files which not everyone's going to know how to do, and I don't hence I asked for a source. Simply saying "it's in the files, check yourself" doesn't even argue your case, it makes it rather lazy and also doesn't make it seem any stronger which in turn is going to make your claim looks less credible if you're not coming forward and providing it. 

      And I already said how stupid it is to just pull the unused card, anyone can bullshit unused content in the files and not even be questioned because not everyone's going to know how and they're going to take people's word for it. 

      Even if this information is true, you're still an asshole because people don't believe shit you've put and then you go on a baby sperg out and insult anyone who doesn't have an account.

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    • The files aren't that hard to get into actually. All you have to do is download an ADX file converter and you can convert it to wav or something and listen to it that way. The Dreamcast audio format (which some other game console games also use) is well documented and it just takes a google search to find an ADX file converting program. And for the record, I've shared said audio files with the owner of this wiki so he can confirm my claims true.

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