• Kinda like t-veronica virus, ı made a list about c-virus' strain types. Waiting your opinions about this lists...

    a. Prototype: Bindi was injected with this but unlike other j'avo she had her consciousness remained.
    b. Type 1: These were updated by carla; called energy boosters to edonian mercenaries and product that causes beauty to people of lanshiang. These cause javo that dont allow to remain their consciousness. Javos will be completely loyal to carla.
    c. Type 1.5: Exclusive for people that become neo-umbrella javos, this strain behaves similarly to prototype except it allows javo to mutate their body parts at will without getting those damaged first.
    d. Type 2: These types cause chrysalids that cause complete mutation. (Haos isnt caused by this.) Additionally javos can also turn into them by taking damage without injection.
    e. Enhanced: These will remove the chrysalid stage completely and user can change forms on will. Only simmons was interested in changing forms.
    f. Others: C-virus gas causes zombies and other types. Bloodshot is caused due to g-virus behaving on the damage that zombie takes. Zombies cant infect people with bite / spit / claw due to c-virus not having t-virus inside. Ustanak,iluzija,brzak,ogroman,rasklapanje are created additionally. A big chrysalid was created to allow haos hatch later.

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    • Is this information confirmed officially by Capcom? if so then we could DEFINETLY use it on the article, as it would be extremely useful knowledge in understanding the C-Virus. All we would need is direct references and links to the original material...

      If this is not officially confirmed by Capcom, then we sadly can't use it on the article :/

      Personally, it makes perfect sense that there are more than two confirmed strains of the virus, as even the t-Virus itself has variants that can mutate an individual in a more unique manner (Look at the Crimson Heads for example, a small deviation on the virus sparks an evolution leading towards the Licker, Umbrella's most notorious B.O.W.)

      As for there being no t-Virus in the "C" strain... T-Veronica is technically a further variant of the Progenitor Virus' "t" strain. T-Veronica can even mutate humans into t-Virus Zombies under the right conditions (during Operation Javier, Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser encounter these T-Veronica Zombies, Leon even expresses that they are ever so slightly different from the Zombies he'd encountered in Raccoon City), So the Bloodshot is actually a sort of combination of two seperate viral traits! (G-Virus rapidly mutating the host, while the T-Veronica genes applied the Licker evolutionary traits into the form it'd take)

      I love the concept and general mapping you did (or Capcom) in this list, it shows the enthusiasm this site needs! Plus it delves into the viral developments seen in each C-Virus terrorist attack.

      Drop a link if this is confirmed by Capcom, I'd love to see it on the article page!

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    • Unfortunately it's not confirmed but ı made it just like t-veronica list. That list also didnt get confirmed by capcom and in it ı said alexia improved the virus and due to this steve managed to turn human in his will unlike alexander which turned into a mindless monster due to the unimproved strain. None of the files also said alexia improved the virus. They just said she froze her body. So ı dont think a file really needs to say something if it can be seen in the game or earlier games.

      I think one thing ı can say is since c-virus is a mixed virus just like t+g virus, it has randomized effects. (Simmons', carla's and piers' mutations have nothing to do with each other but it takes traits from those 2 viruses.) I mean morpheus' forms have nothing to do with each other either. For type 1, they copied a neo-umbrella researcher's dna and due to this all edonian / chinese javo's genetic is exactly same. (Neo-umbrella members believed carla before they formed neo-umbrella since she told them about how simmons was an obsessed man. None of them betrayed her. Also strain 1.5 was used first before strain 1.) They have the same face, model, hair etc. but they wear different outfits. A file in re2 already explained about how g-virus overwrites one's dna. Another thing ı can say is ada and carla have slightly different genetics since carla's consciousness managed to go back and due to this she modified submarine for ada so that she will have easy access to everything.

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    • The reason Alexander Ashford became a monster was due to the strain of T-Veronica being the predecessor to the strain Alexia infected herself with, this also being the strain Steve was infected with by her. There are at least three strains of T-Veronica, the prototype used on Alexander, the perfected strain Alexia and Steve had been exposed to and the enhanced T-02 created by Carla Radames. This is officially confirmed by Capcom.

      I hope they delve more into the C-Virus, whether it be another CGI film (With Jake Mueller in the afghan country seen in the epilogue of RE6 I hope!) or another game, or novel/comic/manga canon to the series! All we have to work with is The Marhawa Desire, RE6 and Umbrella Corps. with the latter only showing us that C-Virus bio-weapons have indeed made their way onto the black market. (Possibly why there were Napad B.O.W.s in the afghan country?)

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    • Wait, did capcom officially said there are at least 3 kinds of t-veronica strains? Do you have a source about this? So the list that ı made for c-virus, cant we really use that and update c-virus and c-virus related articles since it can clear some confusion? Even if there isnt really an explanation, re2 already explained how g-virus can overwrite one's dna in one of the files. Recv and darkside chronicles also explained how t-veronica virus works.

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    • Yes, I forget where the original files were, but it was definetly in either Code: Veronica X or Darkside Chronicles, it is also confirmed on the articles related to T-Veronica.

      As for the proposal of C-Virus strains... I'd forward this conversation to one of the admins for approval, as they basically call the shots on what stays on the site :/ 

      Forerunner has basically been here since day 1 and he's pretty diehard on the original games... mabe prpose it to him? or RileyHeligo?

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    • Alright. I'll probably ask him in a discussion that ı created before.

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