• 1. Do you think you can make translations about japanese rerev2 and re7 files some time? Since they are missing on the page.

    2. The J'avo page in project umbrella is missing Carla. It should also be under the chrysalid category as " Successful Human Female Cloned As Ada Wong (Unmodified) " since she also hatched from chrysalid just like all those mutations.

    3. How can Ogroman hatch from chrysalid? It's way too big.

    4. Why are Brzak and Iluzija not modified too? We dont know how it hatched from chrysalid just like ogroman and rasklapanje.

    5. Why the info about carla's memories awakening in the project umbrella's c-virus page written after marhawa school incident? Didnt marhawa school incident happen after carla regained her memories?

    6. Re6 files state that ada stopped working with simmons due to her anger about what he had done to raccoon city.  Plus this caused simmons to go mad and create a clone. Why and how did he manage to find and contact ada in secret? Plus why did he need a plaga parasite anyways; he already c-virus in possession. 

    " In February 2011, Simmons was believed to have anonymously contracted the real Ada Wong to infiltrate the Eastern Slav Republic embroiled in civil war to destroy the government's underground nuclear bunker and steal a sample of the synthetic Plaga species created by the government of Svetlana Belikova. She accomplished the mission successfully but refused to send the sample presumably after realizing his identity, due to his offer to erase her arrest warrants at Interpol and BSAA using the power and influence of The Family. "

    7. How did J'avos automatically believe Carla? Do you think it is due to being a mixed virus ( which causes randomized effects. This was seen and used in re dead aim and onwards. )? Cause ı think it is.

    Also some of the info that's been written in project umbrella isnt written in re wiki pages for some reason. Someone should add some of the info especially those " The modification of an organism's genes or the integration of genes of specific organisms allowed several strains of the virus to be synthesized for the purpose of creating specific CMS models reflecting certain characteristics. "  " In addition, by combining animal genes with the C-Virus, Simmons noticed that the mutant species it created reflected the characteristics of these creatures "  info.

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    • We've been working on Rev2's script for a while, but there's a lot to sift through. The script is really botched so it's a much longer process than say CODE:Veronica or Zero (which I've been focused on lately).

      We'll get there over time. It's not a very easy thing to dedicate time to, since we do this for free all out of our love for the series.

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    • Another thing you said was the re series never had any plot hole moments; it was only bad translations. How is this even true? How are you even sure that the franchise never had any plot hole moments? Did you really %100 dig the franchise's story and ask lots of questions to developers? I mean yeah the localizations are awful but still...

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    • (I know these are for News Bot, but I can answer them to a degree haha) The franchise is very tightly written together. There are in fact some plot holes, but not nearly as many as you would find by comparing localizations. For instance, we had a lot of problems with the underground laboratory in Zero and 2, which was a result of poor planning during development. Cases like that are pretty rare, though.

      I wouldn't say the localizations are awful (at least not all of them). The teams aren't exactly the most organized, so sometimes there's only so much they can do. Either way, combing through the scripts and supplemental materials ourselves gives us the bigger picture that is gleaned over in the localizations.

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    • I know a few plot holes ı can list for re6. ( I dont think the elevator in re0 is a plothole; it's just a gameplay mechanic, that's it. )

      1. Why didnt bsaa soldiers call backup after ustanak along with neo-umbrella choppers attacked their 2 helicopters?

      2. How did leon and helena get in the plane? How did they allowed them to get in the plane? I know hunnigan listed them as dead but still simmons listed them as suspects plus why did his members infect the pilot with c-virus instead of you know; holding the 2 at gun point and maybe blowing their brains out?

      3. Why did ada say " eliminate all traces of theft of my identity " ? Isnt it a good idea to prove yourself innocent instead of you know planning to do something like that?

      4. Why didnt sherry tell anything about neo-umbrella to simmons? Simmons didnt even know anything about the terrorist organization before the events of edonia. She apparently found a syringe box that says " NEO-UMBRELLA " but if she told this to him; he would have better chance to stop carla's plans.

      5. Why didnt sherry believe simmons after she met him at the end of jake chp 4? He was her loyal guardian that trained her for years compared to leon who didnt even help her as much as claire and simmons did? Leon and helena didnt even have any proof against him at that time plus simmons listed them as suspects. Plus why did simmons decide to give a fire order on leon and helena when jake and sherry was nearby? Even ridiculous; he stops the fire order then orders his men to shoot a few rounds again until leon goes full rambo with his vp70s. How did his men allow a j'avo to sneak behind and why didnt they shoot simmons in the head after he got injected with enhanced strain? Lastly why did simmons jump to train for no reason?

      6. Why did leon believe helena at the start of leon chp 1? You know; he could have become suspicious for helping a stranger plus he could have called hunnigan at any time and request an extraction. It's also strange that they are conducting a research alone instead of getting the hell out of tall oaks.

      7. Why didnt bsaa soldiers (including chris and piers) wear gas masks and have genesis with them? They were in marhawa school incident before so they should have at least made some preperation.

      8. Why did ustanak kill the j'avos that was helping him by shooting jake and sherry in jake chp 1?

      9. Why did carla feel the need of capturing sherry at the end of jake chp 2? They didnt even need g-virus; they only needed jake's blood.

      There is probably more in re6.

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    • I don't mean the elevator so much as the location of the lab. It's supposed to be underneath the heart of Raccoon City, but Rebecca and Enrico find it in the mountains. We were convinced it was two different locations for a while because it's such a huge discrepancy.

      Most of that is explained in the game or fairly minor. Asking how they got the plane is sort of like asking why Kendo didn't lock the door in RE2. Sure, it's interesting, but it's only a tiny piece of the bigger picture.

      The only plot inconsistency I've personally found so far in 6 is why the non-BSAA units in Tall Oaks have dark BSAA uniforms. haha The famitsu guide even mistakes them for BSAA. But I'd argue that that's more of a game mechanic with them cutting corners on textures and models.

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    • Maybe kendo didnt hear the sound of zombies? Besides he locks it shortly after you enter the room.

      All those plot holes arent really explained in the game and they arent minor. Hope news bot will see this discussion in some time.

      As for the units; maybe they could have been bsaa soldiers since bsaa already has branch in north / south america regions.

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    • 1) I have translated most of the REV2 and 7 files but due to PU being in a broken state, I cannot update the site with them.

      2) The articles haven't been updated in a while.

      3) The Chrysalis it hatches from is also large. You can see another large one in the Tall Oaks Church Underground Laboratory in Leon's 6 scenario.

      4) They were modified using shark and snake genes respectively with the C-Virus and hatched from Chrysalis' like the Napad etc.

      5) Again, the articles haven't been updated in a while.

      6) He contacted Ada anonymously and kept his identity a secret. He slipped up when he revealed he could erase her BSAA and Interpol warrants, which she deduced only he would have the power to do. He needed the parasite for its improved B.O.W. control ability.

      7) The files say that the J'avo follow whatever their commands and leadership were prior to infection. Most of the Edonia rebels remain rebels, except those that accompanied Carla, so they follow her instead of the ELA. The J'avo in China all follow Carla because she infected them all personally rather than just give out drugs.


      1) They all died.

      2) Hunnigan pulled strings and managed to get them on a flight.

      3) Ada doesn't really care about whether she is perceived as innocent or not. Eliminating the doppleganger was more for personal and business reasons.

      4) Sherry and Simmons knew about it already when he sent her to Edonia.

      5) Sherry trusts Leon more. Claire once tried to send Sherry a letter about being suspicious of Simmons which she never received, it's possible she also said similar in person.

      6) Hunnigan trusting Helena is why Leon trusts Helena, but remains wary about her story about the church until they get there.

      7) It's unknown why the BSAA don't often wear gas masks.

      8) Ustanak eliminates any obstacle between it and its target.

      9) To continue research with them as test subjects.

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    • About j'avos; so were the lanshiang ones infected differently ( what ı mean is they were infected with a different strain. ) compared to edonian ones right? But ı still dont get something else. If edonian j'avos didnt lost their free will; then why didnt they attack carla? She ruined their life like for example; they developed multiple eyes, their sound tone changed etc. Also why are edonian j'avos attacking jake? Jake is a edonian mercenary just like them.

      2 more things about j'avos;

      a. Were all of edonian rebels get infected with c-virus? 

      b. About neo-umbrella j'avos; did they lost their free will or not? Did carla infect them with a different strain since they can mutate their body parts on will without the need of getting damaged them first?

      c. What were j'avos' previous orders and commands?

      4 things about carla and chrysalids;

      d. Was she infected with a strain that didnt have any animal gene inside? Or did it have any gene in it?

      e. Does complete mutations depend to the dna and genes of the infected person? One of the re2 files says g-virus infects the hosts cells on a molecular level as it rewrites their DNA. ( C-virus has g-virus inside. ) For example about napad; Is the only way to cause one ( other than getting badly damaged as j'avo) to be infected with a strain that has gorilla gene in it?

      f. How can badly damaged j'avos that turn into chrysalid mutate into one of the complete mutations that normally requires an animal's gene?

      g. The carla page on pu says " She supplied a variant of the virus to student bindi and observed the resulting events while experimenting on practical use with "C-16", a mutation of another student nana. The results and subsequent improvements from the field test led to the development of the Complete Mutation Species B.O.W. lepotitsa. " . But thing is lepotitsa was already developed before marhawa school incident. Simmons caused some of them along with gnezdo before carla was used in the experiment. Doesnt this make this page's info wrong too?

      1 thing about tall oaks incident;

      h. Why did simmons feel the need of capturing deborah to force helena? Couldnt he just strategically place lepotitsa in order to infect ivy university? I mean what would the guards do to benford if simmons released the gas in the city without having to breach the security?

      1. The ones in the 2nd bsaa chopper werent dead though. The pilot controlling it didnt die for example. Couldnt he quickly call backup through his radio?

      2. If hunnigan pulled the strings; then how did simmons' men manage to find them then? Also one of the questions is still unanswered. Why didnt they shoot them in the head instead of infecting the pilot?

      3. Doesnt this make it a plot hole? It would make the situation harder for her.

      4. If simmons know anything about neo-umbrella before the events of edonia; then why didnt he kidnap carla similar to what he did to deborah? He could have easily searched what neo-umbrella is and who is the leader of it through idk through internet or something.

      5. How about the " Plus why did simmons decide to give a fire order on leon and helena when jake and sherry was nearby? Even ridiculous; he stops the fire order then orders his men to shoot a few rounds again until leon goes full rambo with his vp70s. How did his men allow a j'avo to sneak behind and why didnt they shoot simmons in the head after he got injected with enhanced strain? Lastly why did simmons jump to train for no reason? " part? Any explanation for that?

      7. Doesnt this make it a plot hole? Especially when considering; there was already another event which involved infectious gas happened in marhawa school.

      9. Any reason why carla needed sherry to continue with research? Also with research; which type do you mean? You know shouldnt she thought what happened if somehow the duo find a way to escape?

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    • Btw ı found more information about re7 that is listed as plot holes. Any answers to those?

      1) Daughters DLC not being consistent with the Marguerite's diaries found in the main story
      2) Huge ship ravaged by a biohazard, everyone on board dies > Nobody notices it for 3 years.
      3) Baker family "disappears" and strange murders start to occur in the region. Nobody cares to send a team to investigate.
      4) Serum that's supposed to cure the infection doesn't do shit (doesn't matter if you cure Mia or Zoe, they're still infected)
      5) Mia and Alan, who were supposed to have the means to immunize themselves against Eveline, just decided to do nothing.
      6) Suddenly, the company has some magic pills they give to Lucas and he gains total immunity against Eveline's mental control. Wouldn't have been a good idea to give some of those pills to Mia and Alan as well?
      7) Ethan is infected too, but nobody cares.
      8) VHS as a standard for filming in 2017
      9) Clancy defeats Jack Baker twice in Nightmare. If that's supposed to be canon, it doesn't make any sense.
      10) Main character receives a suspicious call from his dead wife asking him to go meet her on an abandoned farm in the middle of the woods > Dude goes alone instead of calling the police or something.
      11) Suddenly there's no word on the BSAA, Chris is now with a reformed Umbrella that's now a good Umbrella because it's blue.
      12) Someone recovered Wesker's handgun from the top of a volcano in Africa and changed it into an amazing anti-BOW gun that now Chris uses to show everyone how he actually allways loved Wesker.

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    • Adding more re7 plot holes that ı found (found this on steam btw):

      -Umbrella being reformed in 2007... yeah, seems legit 
      -Joe suddenly caring about "saving his family" despite he didn't give a crap about them for 3 years
      -Jack still alive when he clearly died in the main game.
      -Oh, and Zoe suddenly mutating and praying "Evie" for mercy when Evie is actually no longer alive at that time.

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    • Sherry was Carla's way of cultivating the G-virus to combine with C. Afaik, DEVIL was the only successful vaccine to G and that went up in flames with the lab. By strengthening C with G, she'd make a strain that would be (theoretically) impossible to cure.

      Besides that, Carla would have no reason not to take Sherry with them. She had witnessed far too much and if they didn't take her, she would reveal intel to Simmons. If they decided to kill her instead, it'd be a huge wasted opportunity to work with the virus. But that's only if she (and Simmons) didn't plan on getting both of them in the first place, which she more than likely did.

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    • None of those things in RE7 are plot holes.

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    • How are they not plot holes? Let's wait for news bot's responses, shall we?

      Btw news bot; about most of the answers you give; you get them from developers, right?

      Still got a thing; ı know that forerunner told this but is t-veronica a t-virus strain? Also are any modified progenitor strains classified as t-virus strain? What are the requirements?

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    • Not all of the ELA rebels were infected with the C-Virus, like the first one Ustanak kills. It is unknown whether Carla used one strain for all J'avo or if she made a variety using genes from different creatures rather than the Complete Mutation Species all being random. The ELA J'avo were under their group's orders. The Lanshiang and Neo Umbrella J'avo follow Carla's orders. She also recruited some of the Edonian rebels to essentially act as her security while she was in Edonia.

      Carla was infected with the Enhanced C-Virus, same as Piers and Simmons.

      All of the viruses in the series rewrite cells at the genetic level. Since all viruses have a limit to how many genes they can hold, it is unlikely that Carla created a single "master" strain containing so many animal genes, so she most likely created a variety corresponding to the genes they contained. Judging from the amount of J'avo, she had lots of samples in general so there's no reason she couldn't have a variety.

      Lepotica itself did not exist before 2012. The C-Virus variant given to Nana was one of the byproducts of Project Ada. After the Marhawa School Incident, her tissue fragments were recovered by Carla and used to create an improved version which then led to the Lepotica. The Lepotica itself is still a byproduct of Project Ada, there's just a whole story to it.

      Benford had to have a hole in his security detail to ensure he would be infected/killed, and Helena leaving her post was that hole. Holding Deborah hostage was to ensure Helena would leave her post. She feels guilty afterwards and returns, which is when she finds Zombie Benford and then Leon finds them.

      All of the BSAA personnel died as both choppers blew up mid-air. What good would calling for backup while you're flying fast through the air?

      Obviously The Family have more power and connections than Hunnigan can hide from. They wanted the plane as a whole to go down to ensure Leon and Helena died, including any potential witnesses.

      Neo Umbrella was a secret underground organization that was not involved in many incidents until Edonia. Prior to that Carla still faithfully towards Simmons' orders and goals while secretly building her own organization using his gifts. Being his right hand, Carla knew how to hide her activities from Simmons and The Family. Having his total trust helped.

      Simmons initially tries to convince Sherry of his views, he then orders them all disposed of when she refuses. He and his men were distracted by the situation in front of them, so didn't see the J'avo. He fell on to the train in order to simply escape.

      Rebecca calls Chris out on not wearing bio-protective gear in Vendetta and he just says "Yeah, well." The truth of the matter is that some of the appeal of these games and characters is in the appearance of the characters, that appeal goes away if you cover them all up head-to-toe. In the plot it can be explained by the characters being focused on rapid-response or emergency situations.

      We don't know what kind of further research Carla was planning because she died.

      Any modified Progenitor Virus developed under the t-Virus Project is officially classified as a t-Virus. The terms "Progenitor Virus" and "t-Virus" are sometimes used interchangeably by Umbrella pre-1998 since it was still in development. t-Veronica is a modified Progenitor strain developed as part of the t-Virus Project so it is classified as a t-Virus. She just gave it its own name. There was no "t-Veronica Project", as Alexia was simply conducting her father's t-Virus Project.

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    • Thanks for all of the answers. Although ı think ı caused some confusion with " d. " question. What ı tried to mean with that question was " Before she hatched from chrysalid as a successful complete mutation due to project ada; was she infected with a strain that didnt have any animal gene inside? Or did it have any gene in it? " Other than that; yeah she later injected herself additionally with enhanced.

      I got 2 questions about the pu translations of re6's files.

      1. Iluzija file. Why does it use " accidental " word? Didnt carla mixed a c-virus strain with snake gene on purpose? I didnt get it. Furthermore the localization doesnt describe it as an accidental bow.

      2. Chris and leon file. Why does the translation use the " she reunited with Chris on the Umbrella-controlled Rockfort Island. " statement just like localization? Didnt chris reunite with claire on antarctic base? Also it describes leon as a fellow soldier instead of a cop. ( I asked this once to forerunner but ı would like to ask it to you as well. )

      Alright, waiting your answers about the info that ı wrote for re7.

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    • ...

      I know that you'll look to re7 ones but ı started to wonder after ı read the pu translation of re6's files. Could carla added different amount of genes to the enhanced c-virus variants? ( Since enhanced is basicly c + jake's blood. ) For example; for the simmons'; she could have added 4 animal genes; centaur / dog / horse or whatever (either one of them), dinosaur, scorpion and fly. Not sure if if she added any animal gene to the other 2 enhanced sample though. Piers' has electrical current and carla's is based off a combination of alexia's 1st form and birkin's final form. One of the files also state that she wanted simmons' body to infinitely mutate.

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    • Carla was created using the base C-Virus (no animal genes, just the combination of t-Veronica, t and G) combined with Ada's DNA.

      Ada could also have added unique animal genes to each of the Enhanced C-Virus strains she created, and adding more to Simmons' strain in particular would make infinite mutation more feasible. The Seabed Laboratory served another purpose besides housing HAOS:

      "By pulling up magma from the bottom of the sea, Neo Umbrella studied microbes and bacteria able to function in the high-temperature environment, then drew that characteristic into the C-Virus in an attempt to create B.O.W.s also able to survive under severe environments."

      It's possible that she incorporated microbe and bacteria genes into the Enhanced C-Virus also. Possibly HAOS too.

      It says Rockfort Island simply to be brief, as the events of CV are referred to collectively as the "Rockfort Island Incident." The "fellow soldier" should be "comrade-in-arms", I've updated it.

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    • Well microbes and bacteria can make sense for the enhanced that carla injects herself later on but what about the one that piers acquires? What type of animal / organism gene could she have added into that syringe?

      What about iluzija? It uses " accidental " word. Isnt this odd since carla combined the normal c-virus strain with a snake's gene on purpose?

      Why the seabed laboratory file uses the " It is unknown where Neo Umbrella acquired the vast funds to build a base on the ocean floor. " sentence? Cant carla get that amount of fund from simmons since he trusts her a lot?

      Do you think lanshiang j'avos lost their free will? I dont think they did. After reading the poisawan file; ı got the impression that carla hired some of the people of that city and after infecting them with c-virus; they were armed with weapons. It's due to "  I asked about the amount of compensation, it's definitely a good sum, you could easily be able to spend it lightly for a year. I don't know what kind of medicine it is, but it's not bad news if I can get money like this.

      That reminds me, I'll say to guys living in the slums with no money that I heard a rumor there's a woman experimenting with medicine passing around a reward, but is this it, Wong? Though I'm slightly scared of medical experiments, the reward is enticing. " statement. Well if that's the case; then the strain that causes j'avo doesnt make the user lose his / her free will then. I guess neo-umbrella j'avos were trained in facilities and went through some type of brainwashing process.

      I know it's a slight mistake but mesets translation file uses carrier word instead of the infected individual word like others use. The lepotica and ubistvo files use " The figure of a C-Virus infected person " statement instead of the infected individual word like rasklapanje and gnezdo files use.

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    • Bumping the thread. Havent heard your responses about the questions for a while.

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    • Theses threads don't fall off the page, so please don't bump them. News Bot will be alerted when he signs in.

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    • Alright, ı wont bump them next time.

      Actually after watching the cutscene about ustanak; ı think ı asked the question in a wrong way. A better way would be " After jake shot the explosive canister to stun the ustanak, the creature grabs a javo. Why didnt he just throw the corpse to jake and sherry instead of dropping it ? "

      Speaking of ustanak; is he created with the same strain that creates j'avos, the same strain that immediately causes chrysalid (which means it is a complete mutation.), or is it a special strain that's different from two?

      And about lepotitsa; what's the whole story about it since you mentioned?

      About a-virus; the project umbrella site says that it's a combination of t-virus and plaga gene. Is this %100 true? Any proof to this? ( Once again ı and forerunner discussed this before but ı would like to hear your thoughts. )

      If carla had hidden her activities from simmons, then how did he know that neo-umbrella is a terrorist organization who's looking to study jake's blood? ( In jake chp 1; sherry says " It's been used by a terrorist organization called neo-umbrella. They wanna study the antibodies in your blood. They dont care if you are dead or alive. " .)

      What would be the difference if simmons released gas in tall oaks without kidnapping deborah first?

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    • Continuing on; this isnt about plot holes but rather project umbrella site instead. So 5 days ago; ı've registered an account for the site and after that, the site sent a message to my email that has " pending admin approval " written at top. I've written the password that was written at the message along with username but the site refuses probably due to not being confirmed by an admin. I've been waiting since 5 days but the same thing is still written at the top.  Is there anything else ı can do besides waiting? Thanks in advance.

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    • I dont know if news bot can explain this but why did neo-umbrella sent a tank and a chopper to kill jake and sherry in lanshiang? I mean j'avos are kind of understandable but a chopper seriously? I thought they wanted to capture the duo alive instead of killing them without even thinking a second.

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