• I've asked these some of these questions in biohaze but unfortunately none really gave an answer to them. I'm planning to ask them here as well. The questions:

    1. In enrico's pu page, this info is written. " He put his life and reputation on the line to reveal the truth to Alpha Team, but was injured by Wesker while making his way through the underground cave system in the mansion courtyard. " Is there a source to this info, especially the part that says wesker injured him? I thought that injury was caused by a hunter's claw.

    2. Can ı ask why was kevin was selected as the pilot for stars bravo team's helicopter in the events of arklay instead of edward who became co-pilot?

    3. About the anonymous letter ( re4 ) found in project umbrella; can ı ask why " ada wong " tag is used? I mean, it doesnt make sense for the person who dropped the letter to be ada since she's captured at that time; it can only be luis.

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    • 1) Kenichi Iwao confirmed he was wounded by Wesker.

      2) Bravo Team's normal pilot Edward was needed for the investigation, so Kevin replaced him for the mission.

      3) That is correct, the tag is an old thing that was just not changed.

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