• I've asked these to biohaze page but didnt get an answer so ı'm gonna ask them here as well:

    1.Why didnt ada use someone else's name when introducing herself as a bsaa observer in eastern slav republic? I mean there are spies in the bsaa that are working for her organization; not to mention this is confirmed in one of the re6 files. Just like what tvtropes says: " Ada has managed to infiltrate the country by claiming she worked for the BSAA, and everybody believed her. Except, she didn't use any BSAA member's name to do such task, she used her own. The reason they find out she's a spy is because they haven't found anyone working for the BSAA under the name of Ada Wong. "

    2.Saw this question in 'series'ously page; do you have an answer for this?

    " Why the hell didn't Ethan, Mia, or Zoe use the numerous amount of working phones to call the police or other authorities? Or, I don't know, USE THE INTERNET WI-FI CONNECTION TO GET HELP?!!

    Lucas had access to the internet for three years. 3 years. And Zoe or Mia never attempted to send an email to anyone? To tell Ethan (for Mia) or someone else where they were and send the Army to them? Or even look up anything relating to their situation for info and contact the BSAA? If Lucas can get a signal and connection underground in a mine, with no one else being none the wiser, I'm pretty sure Zoe could have just used her cellphone.

    Mia definitely would have known about the BSAA and considering how she's been left to die by her employers and been enslaved and turned into a monster by a bioweapon, I don't think she'd have qualms with spilling the beans about what she did and what was happening.

    This is the "Why didn't Claire just send an email to Chris before 2?" thing all over again. They could have prevented this by saying they cut the landlines and shut off the wi-fi/internet so no one can call for help or leave. "

    3.Can ı ask why j'avos captured the hostages seen in chris chp 1? Also why didnt they just kill the hostages asap when bsaa teams entered the ace of spades?

    4.Before excella mutates into uroboros aheri; you'll see a lot of dead corpses that would be used in her mutation. First of all; are they simply civilian corpses or are they majini corpses? If they are majini; why are they killed? Or if they are civilian; why werent they infected with any plaga types?

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