• Hey Forerunner, just a brief heads up on some info that MIGHT be coming your way. A youtuber by the name of "Score PN" had recently released two videos revealing he has physical copies of two long forgotten limited run online exclusive web comics that were released by Wildstorm. They're brief retellings of Resident Evil 1 and 2, included with original dialogue and artwork not seen in any physical release.

    I had mentioned to this individual through the comments that we'd love any digital scans he felt charitable enough to send our way so we may add them to the wiki. I name dropped you specifically to give him an idea on where best to send these digital scans, so he might be stopping by here sometime soon if he decides to donate to the wiki. I can confirm he saw the comment as well, as he even highlighted it in his comment section, so now I suppose it just depends on whether he'll send us these long lost comics that seem to of been lost online.

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    • I'm aware of the secret comics that were on the WildStorm site, but the weblinks died before they could be archived. Thanks for asking!

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    • I am unsure on whether anyone has reached out to you yet, but I decided to do a little digging into Score PN's links on the videos and he had links to a forum where I actually came up with some (not all, though) of the original unedited panels from the first comic! There was also a photo from the official (paperback) comic that had details on where it would've been found once upon a time...

      I'll leave everything here, hopefully it'll become of good use!
      WebComic1 page1

      Panel 1

      WebComic1 page2

      Panel 2

      WebComic page3

      Panel 3

      WebComic page4

      Panel 4

      WebComic page8

      Panel 8

      WebComic page9

      Panel 9

      WebComic page14

      Panel 14

      WebComic page15

      Panel 15

      RE InternetCoverPage

      Comic excerpt detailing the online comic's website.

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    • I FOUND THEM! I'm saving copies to my laptop right now to then forward them to you! It's the complete first comic with color and dialogue intact! The images are a bit rough due to what I assume was the printer's quality of the time, but they're intact!

      I will keep digging further to see if I can not find the lost Resident Evil 2 comic as well!

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    • ResidentEvilComic Page1

      Panels 1 and 2

      ResidentEvilComic Page2

      Panels 3 and 4

      ResidentEvilComic Page3

      Panels 5 and 6

      ResidentEvilComic Page4

      Panels 7 and 8

      ResidentEvilComic Page5

      Panels 9 and 10

      ResidentEvilComic Page6

      Panels 11 and 12

      ResidentEvilComic Page7

      Panels 13, 14 and 15

      (It's worth noting that in panel 06 Chris Redfield exclaims that the Hunter B.O.W.s are further mutations of the Zombies he had felled prior, a sort of Crimson Head concept... )
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    • What about RE2 online comic?

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    • Sadly, I haven't been able to acquire that one... Score PN does have copies to that one, but unless he has gotten back to an admin, I suspect he might not be sharing it anytime soon...

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