• In regards to removing my edits of Unknown Child Zombie, I am aware that Resident Evil: Outbreak File #3 isn't an actual game, but rather a tentative title based upon the unreleased content datamined from the previous Outbreak titles. If that is the only issue with my edit, I will revert it and proper specify that it was likely shelved with the other unreleased content, instead of directly mentioning File #3, I will however link that page to the keyword "shelved," as our article page titled "Outbreak File 3" details all of the unreleased content, this child zombie included.

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    • I'm not even sure what you're trying to say in your edit. What else is unused content if not shelved? The Did you mean that as opposed to being cut from a released scenario? Or opposed to still being eligible for being used? Either way, the entire thing is speculation.

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    • I sent you the link to the Residence of Evil's podcast with Alyson Court, In it she described this child's origin as being in a cut scenario that involved a refugee checkpoint, where a woman's child is revealed to be infected.

      I will add that into the page, seeing as Alyson Court is a reliable source, having worked on Resident Evil: Outbreak.

      I won't add my Further Notes info back into this page, as it seems to be problematic.

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