• Hello Forerunner,

    So, I remember creating a page on the wiki some time ago for the allegedly cancelled Resident Evil television pitch, titled Dave, to wich it was removed due to the common belief that it was merely a fan project being circulated with misinformation regarding it being a failed tv pitch...

    I mention it because The Residence Of Evil just did a podcast recently that included an exclusive interview with the creator of Resident Evil: Arklay. I haven't watched it myself (tomorrow I will), but they've been a well known and respected by Capcom staff in the past, so merely the fact that they've done an interview with it's creator has left me intrigued... =ROE Podcast #27 || RESIDENT EVIL: ARKLAY - Interview || Resident Evil 2: Remake News=

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    • You’d also like to know that the actress in their seldom-mentioned pilot (before Dave) is married to Matt Mercer.

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    • Whoa! I've never seen that promo video before!

      Do you have the links to the other promo videos? I'd like to keep copies of them for my own personal reference!

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    • It’s the only one I know of sadly. I found it in 2014 when the first “Arklay” news hit, looking for proof that it wasn’t a real TV show. I found it through Twitter, where it had been talked about in 2012 and casted. I suggest you keep a mirror of it. If I ever share it on Reddit they might realise the sudden increase in traffic and make it private.

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