• Hey there! For our own reference, I was curious what you meant by "courtesy of" on the "RE7 spiders.png" image. Was it taken from the site, given to the wiki with permission, or what? Thanks in advance!

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    • Hey, I don't mean to rush, but please respond as soon as possible! Thanks. :)

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    • Hello! Sorry, I'm in the midst of a police career application, so I've been absent more often than not! 😅

      In regards to the image "RE7_Spiders.png", I had taken it from the site, labelled it as belonging to another site, and then accredited its use from EvilResource.Com

      If there was any issue with how I went about it, then please let me know! I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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    • Sorry for my late response too! Nice, I hope you're doing well!

      I'm glad you gave credit to the site, but my understanding is that it was a unique image to EvilResource and they did not give permission for it to be used on the wiki. It's fine if we pull general images from other sources, such as raw textures, gameplay screens, etc., but because the image had been edited, it's a different issue. Crediting them alone isn't enough, unfortunately. It would have been preferable to find the unedited image or to receive permission from the source. We've had a problem with different images being pulled from fan sites and added to the wiki (which we're still trying to replace), so it would be best if we can avoid adding more.

      Thanks for getting back to me and I hope that made sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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    • my spider is called bob

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    • A FANDOM user
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