• Almost a month ago an unnamed user posted a comment about Krauser in the main game using the same custom TMP Hunk uses in Mercenaries. I made a quick check on youtube and confirmed it wasn't. However, someone else edited both TMP and Custom TMP pages to say the same thing bout Krauser (you reverted those editions), which made me rethink and analyse better the whole Krauser boss fight at the end of chapter 5-3. I discovered (again, only watching youtube videos) that, although Krauser uses a stockless TMP in the cutscene, during the actual fight he really uses the custom TMP with the mounted stock. I guess I could just add it to trivia in both pages unless you want to make some edition yourself.

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    • We don't use trivia sections anymore in general, but also noting when gun models are used by NPCs just isn't necessary.

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    • Focus on the laser sight

      Even the laser sight mounted on the side of Krauser's TMP is the same as the one on HUNK's Custom TMP

      HUNK and Krauser are NOT "NPCs" as you can clearly play as them

      Even if Krauser does count as NPC in both of his bossfights

      Prove me wrong with pictures

      And if not noting weaponry used by NPC is not something you do on this website then why does it make a note of Luis using the Red9?

      Ada using the TMP in a cutscene is also noted when she is clearly NPC too when you play as Leon

      Also I feel that the pictures for all Resident Evil 4 weaponry should be updated by good quality high resolution pictures from either the Ultimate HD PC Edition or the PS4 and Xbox One Editions

      The weapons that Ada shares in common with Leon in Separate Ways should also have their stats noted

      Information is certainly lacking

      We should be doing our best to give as much infromation as possible about such a beloved game to all visitors and not undoing informative edits just because a certain someone deems them unnecessary

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    • A FANDOM user
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