• You called me too tick and banned me for 1 month. Because of this, you became my enemy and I hate you. I tried to explain to you in a good way, good and friendly too. I will not. Since you do not want and trust me, I will answer you as well. And, if you want a conflict with me, then you will get it. Let's see which of us edits pages correctly and who doesn't.

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    • I banned you because you were acting like a fucking child. I told you in the thread to stop removing the Japanese language examine templates, and you refused to stop under the grounds that they're "superfluous" even though I explained it's to see if there's any inconsistencies through the translation from Japanese to English, yet that seemed to have gone over your head.

      You then called us bad administrators (which contradicts your statement of good and friendly) and prior to me banning you, you continued to remove the Japanese examination text, which isn't good as it is just obnoxious and insulting. 

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