• Hi, so I just got finished putting in the transcript for the Leon True Ending custscene, and I'm wondering if I should have added context into the transcript? What I mean by this is that when Sherry, Leon, and Claire are all talking, Claire turns to Leon and asks him if the infection has reached outside Raccoon City. Should I have added something like:   Claire Redfield (to Leon): "What if it's not  just the city?"

    Also, I wondered if I should have provided links on the first appearances of characters in the transcript, and if I should have shortened their names after the first appearances. (So I'd change it to Leon S. Kennedy to Leon.) The Leon Meets Marvin cutscene did this if you want an example of what I'm talking about.

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    • Brackets to be used if needed for context, yes. I've only used them to point out if someone's only talking via a radio (e.g. "Ramon Salazar (radio)"), myself.

      Full names to be given the first time the character speaks, then a shortening for every subsequent line.

      Links go wherever in the page but only once. If you've already tagged Leon in the "Plot" section, he doesn't need to be linked in the transcript.

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    • Okay, thanks! 

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