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    I can help you find lists of people, places, or things on this wiki using DPL, if you wish. I'm not familiar with the game, so you will have to be specific about what you want to know. It will have to be information that can be found in the infoboxes and the existing categories, like "Females in Category:Resident Evil: Afterlife characters". Here is an example.

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    • Characters being a student isn't something noted in infoboxes, so they can't help you with that.

      The fact that you can look up females without categories is a reason to not have that as a category. Also you personally wanting something isn't a reason to add a category either.

      Again, realistically no one is going to check 3000+ pages to add a new category that won't be used for editing or navigation.

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    • Please, leave me alone. I left the other conversion and had it removed but you continue to harrass me.

      I don't care what you said. You're wrong in my opinion and that is it. You don't want me part of yuor community, alright. You don't think the wiki should be used for fanfanfiction, alright. So, again leave me alone. 

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    • Please stop purposefully misinterpreting things.

      As any admin's duty to manage a wiki, you can't just tell us to leave you alone, especially when you're trying to assist and inform you and responding to a question that you specially asked.

      Also so you know not wanting to answer anymore isn't a reason to remove threads. Doing my duty to respond you in that thread is not harassment, in fact, I'm the one who stopped responding to you. Please do not accuse people of harassment when they aren't doing that. Same for accusing me of not wanting you in the community and running things by my own decisions.

      This is not a matter of me personally thinking the wiki shouldn't be used for fanfiction, this is something the rest of staff and the community agrees with because we've talked about this before. I am not going to leave you alone and allow you to edit the wiki for fanfiction just because that's what you personally want.

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    • If you continue I will report you for harassment. I feel like you're harassment. Then i'm allow to report you. I asked you, I didn't tell you. I removed those questions. The current post was own my wall. There are other admins here, that can response. 

      I never said the wiki should be edit for fanfiction. I said it is a resource for fanfanfiction. But I don't know what your issue with fanfiction is. However, in my opinion the staff and community is wrong.

      I honestly don't want to be part of the "community" anymore I will still used the wiki as resource but that is, because of peoples like you. I had ran into admin before who think their way is the only way, and in my opinion abused their power/authority.

      So, again, I'm going to ask you one last time. To leave me alone. Let the other admins resoponse or I will report you for harrassment. I was told that, "such as repeated and unwanted correspondence or postings," is considering harrassment. That is what you're doing. 

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    • Dude, calm down. The admins are allowed to post wherever they like. You have a terrible case for harassment anyway given how you were helping to stir up shit earlier.

      We make decisions as a team, so stop pinning everything on one admin.

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    • I'm calm. They are allowed to post, doesn't mean they had to post. And maybe I do have a "terrible" case for harrassment, maybe not. I didn't stir up any shit. I simply asked a question and disagreed with the response.

      I never pinning anything one one admin. The entire team, make a poor decision. 

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    • This convo's just going in circles. I'll just lock this down.

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