• How's that working out? Mine was a bitch. Took almost eighteen months. Had to fight them even to have facial hair in my state where it's considered to be of "bad character". Anyways, good luck. My advice? Make sure you want it, though. REALLY want it. It's a toll on your entire life, from friends, to family, to just editing Wiki pages. ;)

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    • So far, I'm going for a sort of detour route about it. I am currently awaiting my approval for enlistment in the reserves for the military, and have an active application ongoing for a corrections officer at the moment! I had applied multiple times already at two different police forces, but when I'm at the finishing line for the application, I always get turned down due to general lack of degrees and experience... Hence the Military and the corrections! If I manage to get into both fields and work for them for quite enough time, I can guarantee my success in a police application!

      Thank you for your interest, it was quite surprising to see someone message me on the wiki about my career path! :D

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    • Well, I've been there. They also wouldn't allow me to apply until 21. I went into crowd control and then private security contracting where I worked four years in VIP escort, Didn't actually re-apply until I was 30 because the money was too damned good. More than enough experience by then. Anyways, glad to hear you're enthused about it. Cheers and good luck.

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