• Do you mind explaining where or how you obtained images for the Code Veronica deleted items?

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    • I was actually curious about which version that was used. I know about Biohazard 2 Value Plus, but I looked around and apparently there was a bundle on Dreamcast called 'DreamOn'. Is that the one?

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    • I found these deleted items by accident while tampering with Cheat Engine on the PS2 version of CVX using the PCSX2 emulator (It's a bit more complicated than that and I don't wanna turn this into a Cheat Engine tutorial). After obtaining the items I took screenshots of them and cropped them with Photoshop.
      Note that these items are present in the game files but they're left unused. I'm also quite sure that they do exist in the other ports of CVX. The only way to obtain them is by using Cheat Engine or a similar method that lets you access pieces of data stored in your computer's RAM, some of which relate to in-game values.

      These are the deleted item values (They work on both the American and Japanese PS2 versions of the game.)
      4 Bytes:
      5297152 = Album
      7159316 = Queen Ant Relief
      7259316 = King Ant Relief
      8359316 = Picture B
      9197152 = Remote Control
      9859316 = Square Socket
      10059316 = Crest Key G
      6259316 = Wire
      2670561 = Rifle Bullets
      9397152 = Calico bullets
      2495368 = Machine Gun Bullets

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    • I'll need to change that last line concerning the trial version then. And it's named "Machine Gun Bullets" without "Sub"?

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    • It's "M. Gun Bullets".

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    • And changed. Please don't forget to add the remaining pictures¬†(like for Picture B & Wire) and whatever jp names/item descriptions you can add for the rest.

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    • Done.

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    • Thank you ^^

      I put before a translation for Picture B's item description, but does it have one in english?

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    • No, it doesn't have one.

      There's also a Crest Key S item

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    • Added.

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    • A FANDOM user
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