• Me and Fore made a new template that you drop into other users message walls after you have banned them from chat. This template will inform the banned user that he/she was banned, what he/she was banned for, how long he/she was banned for, and how to get him/herself unbanned. Ive included directions below...

    1. After banning the user and adding him to the Chat Ban List go to his/her message wall.
    2. Type in {{chatban|Reason|user=your username|time=amount of time the person is banned for}}. If done correctly, it should come out looking like this...
    Jill Valentine - Umbrella Chronicles "It's true that once the wheels of justice begin to turn, nothing can stop them. Nothing. "
    You have been banned from Chat by Necromancer115.
    (You will not be able to enter chat for amount of time the person is banned for)

    Reason: Why the hell not? :3
    Reply here when your banning period has passed in order to be let back into chat.

    Jill Valentine - remake

    Whenever you ban people in the future, try using this template, it prevents the banned user from asking around on who can unban him/her and when he/she will be unbanned. Its much easier for them and they become less of an annoyance to us. Thank you and if you need to, try out the template in this blog. -Necromancer115

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