• hey man its been like a month, just wanted to know how its goin, do any recent blogs?

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    • Hey dude,

      I'm doing good over here. What about you?

      I haven't posted any blogs for these past few weeks sadly. This is because I have been busy with studies and exams, as well as the fact that I haven't had any ideas for a new blog. I should be able to do one this saturday, if I can come up with any ideas for one.

      How about you? I haven't been on here for some time, so I have no idea if anything is happening or not. If you could, would you mind filling me in on anything important on here for the past few weeks? This would be greatly appreciated.

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    • glad to see your doing good man and good your keeping on top of your studies. honestly i havent been on here much like you and blogs are basically people bitching at eachother for a insufficient topic or just drama about other users as well as RE6 updates but other than that nothing i see worthwhile. I'll try and think of something to help you out and I'm looking forward to seeing more blogs by you. glad to hear from ya too¬†:)

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    • Don't stress too much on the blogs. I am grateful for any help you can bring, but don't worry. Once I have some ideas, I'll be back on top of doing blogs again. All in all, thanks for all the concern and keeping in touch.

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    • no problem at all bro i like to keep in touch with friends, i havenjt seen any blogs actually since june 16th? wonder whats up with that

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