• Not too many users have played Gaiden (or, in my case, completed it). Can you please provide a source as to whereabouts the name of the Tyrant is given as "Amoeba"? I don't recall any Japanese guides being printed about this game, so can't order any from Jap-Sai to evaluate it.

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    • I felt I should point this out because Riley intends to move the article to a different name if no citation for "Amoeba" is provided. Of course, you can always move it back so long as you tell us where the information came from.

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    • Hello, first, sorry that it took me to answer.

      I pulled this information from Japanese Wikipedia probably came from some magazine or guidebook, anyway, I should have confirmed this information before put it in the article.

      I myself would remove this rumor of the article and puts it as trivia, but I see you already did it.

      Anyway, sorry for that, will not happen again.

      Note: Sorry for possible grammatical errors, I need to improve my English.

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