Is this information confirmed officially by Capcom? if so then we could DEFINETLY use it on the article, as it would be extremely useful knowledge in understanding the C-Virus. All we would need is direct references and links to the original material...

If this is not officially confirmed by Capcom, then we sadly can't use it on the article :/

Personally, it makes perfect sense that there are more than two confirmed strains of the virus, as even the t-Virus itself has variants that can mutate an individual in a more unique manner (Look at the Crimson Heads for example, a small deviation on the virus sparks an evolution leading towards the Licker, Umbrella's most notorious B.O.W.)

As for there being no t-Virus in the "C" strain... T-Veronica is technically a further variant of the Progenitor Virus' "t" strain. T-Veronica can even mutate humans into t-Virus Zombies under the right conditions (during Operation Javier, Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser encounter these T-Veronica Zombies, Leon even expresses that they are ever so slightly different from the Zombies he'd encountered in Raccoon City), So the Bloodshot is actually a sort of combination of two seperate viral traits! (G-Virus rapidly mutating the host, while the T-Veronica genes applied the Licker evolutionary traits into the form it'd take)

I love the concept and general mapping you did (or Capcom) in this list, it shows the enthusiasm this site needs! Plus it delves into the viral developments seen in each C-Virus terrorist attack.

Drop a link if this is confirmed by Capcom, I'd love to see it on the article page!

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