Riley Heligo wrote: Holy lack of paragraphing Batman. 

"Bear in mind, in Code Veronica, they had burn marks on Wesker when he got caught in that flaming pillar." - different games, different graphics, etc. Plus RE5 was a pretty straining game, the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions struggle to keep a basic 30FPS at times, plus I doubt they wanted to go far into the gruesome detail of someone being decimated by lava.

Also, using games from unrelated companies weaken your argument as it's simply trying to utilise different games who have different directors to try and strengthen your argument, Kojima literally goes back on his word all the time if it suits the story. And I don't see why you're telling me what they could/should have done when I don't work for Capcom.

Again, Resident Evil: Code Veronica, as you pointed out, had different graphics, in fact, lower graphics, even, yet still managed to get away with that. Resident Evil 5, being for the PS3 and Xbox 360, would likewise be perfectly capable of showing that kind of graphic detail anyways due to being on a newer and thus more powerful system.

Also, you DO realize Haunting Ground was actually made by the same guys who made Resident Evil, right, and I don't just mean Capcom, but also the same development team (even featuring a lot of easter eggs from Resident Evil in there, including elements from the scrapped Castle build of Resident Evil 4)? That game also featured a guy falling into lava and our actually seeing the results of him being decimated by that, right near the climax in fact. And why should they be reluctant to go that far? The game's in the survival action horror category anyway, and besides, they had no problem with showing that with Haunting Ground, which aside from being made by the same guys also belonged to the survival horror genre just like with Resident Evil.

And Resident Evil has gone back on its own lore multiple times, actually. Like for example, aside from the bit about Wesker being dead in RE1, RE2, and RE3:

  • The whole serum weakness Wesker had in RE5 was NEVER alluded to even once in Umbrella Chronicles despite him having a detailed memo explaining exactly WHAT the virus' effects would entail (in fact, if anything, the only possible negative side effect of the virus is that, being a Progenitor-based virus, it would alter the user's form at will via his inherent psychology, and Wesker even implies some interest in what that might entail for him. Even that was solely Wesker's own speculations due to witnessing Sergei Vladimir's transformation first-hand.). And I find it hard to believe that Birkin, someone who arguably rivals Wesker in the virology department based on what Wesker's own article indicated, and more importantly his friend, would leave something that critical out.
  • And considering how key the Wesker Children factored into Spencer's plans for the world, I find it highly unlikely that Spencer, or Wesker for that matter, would lose it in Raccoon City or apparently not even be aware of the project or that he was a byproduct of it, respectively, which is exactly what RE5 indicated. If anything, such data would most likely be in the Umbrella Archives.
  • Wesker's Report heavily implies that he had access to Sherry Birkin via inside men, yet in Resident Evil 6, it's made explicit he never even got access to her at all, directly or otherwise.
  • Forget all of that, the recent Not a Hero DLC trailer made explicit that the "Chris" we encountered at the end of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is indeed the same Chris Redfield we all know and love and featured him working for Red Umbrella, despite his explicitly stating in the original game when confronting Wesker "I would never work for a company like Umbrella."

If they can back away from all of that, they most certainly can bring Wesker back from the dead (and quite frankly, that actually would have far more justification than the above versions save for maybe the bit about the Raccoon City Destruction Incident destroying all records of the Wesker Children). And for the record, I'd say this even if I didn't want Wesker to come back.

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