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Ticks (ティックス Tikkusu?) were Bio Organic Weapons developed by the Umbrella Corporation.


Ticks were developed at the Arklay Laboratory in the 1990s and appear to have been an arthropod-based offshoot of the Hunter project.


Ticks were designed as bipedal B.O.W.s in a similar style to the Hunter α line. Aside from its brown skin and antennae, the primary difference between Ticks and Hunters is the possession of sickle-like arms, which were designed for cutting people to pieces in the dark.[1][excerpt 1]



Ticks' HP ranges between 79 and 111 points, equal to that of the Hunters.[1]


Move Damage
Ripper attack (切り裂き攻撃) 10
Jump attack (ジャンプ攻撃) 10
Neck cut (首刈り) Instant Death


Weapon Damage per hit Hits to kill
Knife 16 5-7
Beretta 14 6-8
Shotgun 32 3-4
Colt Python 40 2-3
Grenade Launcher (Grenade) 100 1-2
Grenade Launcher (Flame) 100 1-2
Grenade Launcher (Acid) 200 1
Rocket Launcher 900 1
Flamethrower 20 4-6

Further notes[]

The Ticks were exclusively added to the Sega Saturn version of the original Resident Evil, replacing all Hunter encounters after entering the courtyard underground. They are functionally a reskin of the Hunter and posses no actual behavioral or statistical differences from the Hunter gameplay-wise. They have not reappeared in any games since, though they were mentioned in a guidebook for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil CODE: Veronica.

In the rejected screenplay written by George A. Romero, the Hunter shared a much stronger physical resemblance to the Tick than its reptilian namesake.



  1. Excerpt from Saturn BIO HAZARD Official Guide, p.164:
    "中庭地下に出現する昆虫型モンスター。 暗闇から突然標的に飛びかかり、 両手の鎌で哀れな犠牲者を切り刻む。 コードネームの”ティックス”とは、 ダニを意味する”Tick”から来ているものと思われる。
    こいつの動きにパターンは、 まさにハンターそのまま。 体力が減ると即死効果のある首刈り攻撃を仕掛けてくるところも、 憎いくらいに同じである。 ただ、 弱点・攻略法もハンターと同様になるため、 館でハンター退治の経験を積んでいれば恐れることはないだろう。 特に、 この時点で確実にコルトパイソンを入手できているはずなので、 マグナム(またはグレネードガン)発で片づくティックスはただのザコと化す。"