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This page is a timeline of Capcom's main Resident Evil universe by in-universe events.

For a timeline based on in-universe dates see Template:Timeline and for a timeline by media see Timeline by media.

Event Date of events Type of event Location
Fall of the Ndipaya Kingdom Prehistory B.O.W. deployment Africa
Crusade against Los Iluminados 15th century Parasitic disease outbreak Europe
Spanish flu 1918–1920 General Europe
United States biological weapons program 1943 General North America
Project W After 1966[note 1] Virus/B.O.W development
Project CODE:Veronica 1968 Virus/B.O.W development Europe and Antarctica
Collapse of the Soviet Union December 26, 1991 General
Bright Raccoon 21 1990s General North America
Ecliptic Express Incident July 23, 1998 Viral incident North America
X-Day July 22–24, 1998[1] General North America
Mansion Incident July 24, 1998 Viral incident North America
Operation: NESTWRECKER September 23, 1998 General North America
Raccoon City Destruction Incident September 23–October 1, 1998 Viral incident North America
Raccoon Trials 1998–2003 General North America
Sheena Island incident November 22–26, 1998 Viral incident Europe
Rockfort Island Incident December 27–29, 1998 Viral incident South America
Antarctic outbreak December 27–30, 1998 Viral incident Antarctica
Penamstan Civil War 2000 Viral Incident Asia
Anti-Virus Weapon Protocol No. 7600 2002 General
South American incident 2002 Viral Incident South America
India bioterror attack 2002 Bioterrorism South Asia
Spencer Rain outbreak September 2002 Viral incident
Atlantic Facility outbreak September 2002 Viral incident
Caucasus outbreak February 2003 Viral incident Europe
Abduction of the President's Daughter August 2004 Bioterrorism Europe
Terragrigia Panic 2004 Bioterrorism Europe
St. Cloud incident 2005 Viral Incident North America
Queen Zenobia Incident
  • Queen Zenobia
  • Queen Semiramis
  • Queen Dido
2005 Viral incident Mediterranean
Harvardville Airport incident November 2005 Bioterrorism North America
Air Dome Laboratory Incident November 2005 North America
White House Incident 2006 Bioterrorism North America
Penamstan Conspiracy Incidents 2006 General
Raid on the Spencer Estate August 2006 General Europe
Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident 2008–March 2009 Viral incident Africa
Philosophy University Incident August 2010 Viral Incident Australia
East Slavic Civil War 2010–2011 Viral Incident Europe
Sein Island incident 2008–2011 Viral incident Europe
Cobra Mart bioterrorist attack Sometime between 2010 to 2012 Bioterrorism North America
Marhawa School incident 2012 Viral Incident Asia
Global Bioterrorist Attacks 2012–2013 Bioterrorism
Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident 2014 Viral Incident South America
Querétaro mansion incident 2014 General North America
Great Lakes murders 2014 General North America
Attack on Alexander Institute of Biotechnology 2014 Bioterrorism North America
New York bioterrorist attack 2014 Bioterrorism North America
Baker House Incident October 2014–August 2017 Viral Incident North America
San Francisco Serial Murders 2015 Bioterrorism North America
Alcatraz Island incident 2015 Bioterrorism North America
The Village Incident February 8–10, 2021 Viral Incident Europe


  1. Started after Umbrella was founded
  1. Resident Evil (2002), file: "Mail from the Chief of Security".