The Timer is a gameplay mechanic in Resident Evil: Resistance. The timer is a crucial mechanic which will dictate which side will win.


The timer is shown at the top of the screen at all times for both Survivors and the Mastermind.

Survivors must manage their time remaining in order to win the game while the Mastermind has to push the timer down to Overtime. Survivors can increase the time by performing certain actions or killing creatures and/or destroying traps. The Mastermind cannot increase the timer, all of the Mastermind's actions will decrease the timer.

All matches start with 5:00 minutes on the timer, if players try the Practice Mode, they are able to set the timer to start at 60:00 minutes.


Overtime is triggered when no time is left, this will be shown to players where the word "OVERTIME" will be displayed on screen and the timer will turn into a red color.

When Overtime is triggered, Survivors can still keep playing and even remove the Overtime phase by gaining more time than the number shown at the top of the screen provided they do it before the timer gauge ends. For example, if Overtime is triggered and -5 shows on the timer, the Survivors can still kill a creature such as a Licker (which will give +15), this will make the Overtime go from -5 to 10, and then when it's over the time will go back to normal, though Survivors will have only a few seconds to make a play.

Overtime can be triggered an infinite number of times so long as the Survivors are able to "catch up" to the negative number shown at the top of the screen. If the timer gauge ends while the number is negative, the match will be over and the Mastermind will win.

Time Earned or Lost Per Action


Target Time earned or lost by it
Infection -5 per cough
Defeated -15 for getting downed, -30 for dying, +15 for getting revived
Camera controlled by the Mastermind or an auto turret +15 per camera destroyed
Turning in Area 1 Puzzle Pieces +20 per puzzle piece
Deactivating Area 2 Security Devices +30 per device
Area 1 and Area 2 completion +60 by default and +15 per Survivor at the exit
Opening the Supply Zombie's backpack +15
Destroying a Bio Core in Area 3 +30
Interacting with the exit door at Area 3 +60
Zombie, Crawler, Partially Armored Zombie, Armored Zombie, Supply Zombie, Zombie Dog +5 per kill
Tough Zombie, Jester, Dealer, Detonator +10 per kill
All trap types +10 per trap destroyed or Martin disarm, if the blast hits a Survivor once destroyed, -5 per Survivor
Licker, Ivy, G-Birkin, Tyrant, Yateveo, Nemesis +15 per kill
Security Guard Zombie +65 per kill


Target Time earned or lost by it
G-Birkin -30 per death caused by Overkill, does not take away time with any other move
Tyrant -30 per death caused by Pulverize, does not take away time with any other move
Yateveo -30 per death caused by Devour, does not take away time with any other move
D. Field Does not take away time with any hit
Nemesis Does not take away time with any move
All zombie-type enemies -1 per hand swing attack hit, -15 per grab bite
Zombie Dog -10 per grab bite
Licker -1 per swipe, -15 per grab hit
Detonator -1 per swipe, -5 per explosion hit
Ivy ?
Dealer -5 per hit with Claw Slash
All trap types -5 per Survivor hit
All Rifle types -3 per Survivor hit (per bullet)
Machine Gun -0.5 per Survivor hit (per bullet)
Immobilizing Rounds and Air Cannon -3 per Survivor hit
Grenade Launcher -5 per Survivor hit

Patch History

Main article: Title Updates for Resident Evil: Resistance

1.04 update

  • Rifle shots were changed from -5 per hit to -3.

May 22, 2020 title update

  • Machine Gun shots were changed from -1 per hit to -0,5.
  • Air Cannon and Immobilizing Rounds were changed from -5 per hit to -3.
  • Zombie, Crawler, Partially Armored Zombie, Armored Zombie and Supply Zombie were changed from +10 to +5 per kill.
  • Security Guard Zombie was changed from +70 to +65 per kill.

June 18, 2020 title update

  • Opening the Supply Zombie's backpack was changed from +30 to +15.

Further notes

  • If a downed player disconnects or leaves the game, it will still count as a death and the team will get -30.
  • In the Project Resistance closed beta build of the game, the timer had a slight different look.
  • Originally, the game was not going to have a time limit at all.[1]
  • In the 2019 Tokyo Game Show build of the game, players would lose -40 for dying.[2]


  1. Al Yang on Twitter: "Thanks to everyone who tuned in to watch the Playstation DNA stream last night! Mostly we played Resistance with beginner level streamers to showcase the game to new players but also talked a bit about dev. Did you know that we used to have no time limit and a limited death rule?" / Twitter
  2. 『プロジェクト レジスタンス』策略をかいくぐって生き延びろ! サバイバー側プレイ動画【TGS2019】
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