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2005 PC version


The v1.1.0 Patch was a title update for Ubisoft's PC port of Resident Evil 4. The changes include general adustments and improvements made to graphics, lighting, and effects and a fix for the rare issue causing the game to freeze when skipping cutscenes.[citation needed]

2014 PC version

1.0.2 - 17 March 2014


  • Removed mouse acceleration on/off toggle from the Keyboard & Mouse controller setup screen. “AIMING MODE” option is now present instead, and mouse sensitivity settings have been re-tuned to accommodate the new setting.
  • Users can now choose between "CLASSIC" and "MODERN" mouse controls under AIMING MODE. "MODERN" setting makes the aiming utilize native mouse functionality giving it a more neutral feel while "CLASSIC" retains the previous calibration from the original game.
  • "GAME RESET" under "RETRY OR RELOAD" has been relabeled to "RETURN TO MAIN MENU"
  • Relabeled “POST PROCESS” in graphics option to ‘COLOR FILTER’
  • Master volume level increased.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed ready-knife delay when using mouse and keyboard.
  • Calibrated animation speed at which pottery, lamps, boxes, barrels etc. fall apart when frame rate is set to 60fps. Set pieces getting destroyed during cutscenes such as the castle gate and gazebo have also been recalibrated.
  • Fixed an issue with the character performing quick turns when pressing aim while turning.
  • Reduced possible audio desynchronization during cutscenes.
  • Fixed texture on Ada's Blacktail (Bottle cap)
  • Fixed flickering or prolonged black screen during active gameplay on the Water level in Mercenaries Mode.
  • Fixed problem with Krauser's bow in Mercenaries Mode Castle level.
  • Fixed problem with enemies not spawning (Garrador, Leader Cultist etc.) in Mercenaries Mode Castle Level.
  • Fixed an eggsploit where hens lay eggs at twice the rate when frame rate is set to 60fps.
  • Removed green flashing screen that appeared after pre-rendered cutscenes.
  • Fixed Leon's distorted voice when he lands a roundhouse kick on Verdugo while he's still frozen.
  • Fixed flickering in the first custscene of chapter 5-1.
  • Mine cart QTE difficulty reduced for PRO level difficulty.
  • Restored the blue light bloom effect from the merchant's torch.

1.0.6 - 24 April 2014

New Features:

  • Added specular highlight and bump mapping effects
  • Implemented stereo/positional audio for in-game sound effects
  • Added controller vibration for machine guns and automatic pistols (TMP, Chicago Typewriter and Matilda)
  • Added a 4th color filter option in the graphics setting menu which slightly reduces the overall 'warm' color effect (Red and Green toned down on the RGB scale)
  • "Anisotropy" setting can now be saved when altered in the config.ini file. Valid settings are "0" "2" "4" "8" "16" without the quotation mark. Smaller value will result in blurrier textures, but this may help with rendering performance for PCs that are at or below minimum specs.
  • Laser sight color can now be customized by editing the RGB value in config.ini file located in ...\Documents\My Games\Capcom\RE4\config.ini.

Changes can be made by altering values from 0 to 255 for each of the base colors (laserR = red; laserG = green; laserB = blue). laserA changes the transparency level of the dot.

Example for Blue laser with visible laser dot: laserR 0 laserG 0 laserB 255 laserA 255

To return to factory settings (red laser sight), simply enter -1 for laserA and save.

Note: These variables will not be present in the config.ini file before this patch. In order to make them appear, simply enter graphic settings, return to main menu, and close the game.

  • X+C QTE key assignment can now be customized for Mouse + Keyboard controls by editing usr_input.ini located in (...)/Documents/My Games/Capcom/RE4/ folder.

To auto-generate the usr_input.ini file, simply enter K&M control settings in the game, change any of the bindings, and exit the menu.

To change keys assigned to X+C QTEs, two strings, "KEY_1 = 00000" and "KEY_2 = 00000" (X and C, respectivelyly), listed under ###KEYBOARD must be edited. The 00000 value can be changed to any of the keys listed below (without quotation marks). When changing a values, ensure that your keyboard has the actual key(s) you intend to use for the QTE!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This customization changes only the input required to execute the QTE. It does not change the on-screen prompt! In order to return to factory settings, simply use "restore to default" option in KB+M controls in-game menu or enter 00000 for the aforementioned strings in the usr_config.ini file.


Bug fixes:

  • Re-enabled bloom effect on oil lamps, torches, etc.
  • Re-tuned water reflection animation speed when played in 60fps mode
  • Removed warm color post process screen effect after the "church puzzle"
  • Removed warm color post process screen effect when Leon and Ashley reenters the church after the Saddler cutscene.
  • Added back wake effect in 60fps mode after defeating Del Lago.
  • Fixed the “jumping” animation that occurred when quickly aiming up/down while drawing a weapon ("modern" mode)
  • Fixed the sound effect volume when Leon stabs Saddler in the eye.
  • Fixed missing texture on the barrel right before the jet-ski ride.
  • Fixed corrupted water in "Salazar statue room" in 60 fps mode.
  • Fixed additional camera flash during the church cutscene (end of Chapter 2-1).
  • Fixed rate of lightning strikes during Chapters 2-1 and 2-2.
  • Fixed "modern" sensitivity affecting game pad's left/right turn speed during aim mode.
  • Re-tuned mouse sensitivity to reduce discrepancy between camera speed and aim speed when using "Modern" control setting.
  • Fixed weak controller vibrations when shooting guns in 60fps mode.
  • Fixed a bug causing broken plank to sound like broken glass before encountering the Chainsaw Sisters in Chapter 2-3.
  • Fixed grey screen appearing before church puzzle in Separate Ways/Another Order.
  • Fixed possible freezes in Separate Ways/Another Order after QTEs during cutsenes.
  • Fixed animation speed of seeker robots prior to Krauser boss battle in 60fps mode (Chapter 5-3).
  • Changed "locked" mouse sensitivity during Del Lago fight, binocular and turret sequences – it should now be properly affected by settings.
  • Fixed a general bug affecting item drop rates in all game modes (grenades should now drop properly for Hunk in Mercenaries mode, and ammo drops overall should now be more consistent – this should resolve problem with rifle ammo drops).
  • Fixed the speed at which the battleship sinks in chapter 4 of Separate Ways/Another Order in 60fps mode.
  • Fixed the frequency at which Louis supplies ammo during the siege sequence in Chapter 2-2 in 60fps.
  • Fixed the bug for KB+M controls causing Leon to stand still when Ashley or Mike speaks.
  • Tweaked X+A QTE press timing to no longer require users to press two buttons at the exact same time.
  • Fixed aim cancellation when X+C QTE prompt pops up while using KB+M.
  • Fixed the speed of scrolling clouds in 60fps mode.
  • Removed additional camera flash that appeared during the church cutscene (end of Chapter 2-1) when replaying the scene in Movie Browser.
  • Fixed lens flare effect piercing through Saddler in the Final Chapter cutscene.
  • Fixed a bug causing weapons to float in the air.
  • Fixed flares piercing through walls in the church.
  • Added missing sound of splashing water when running back through the cave in chapter 2-2.
  • "Your right hand comes off?"
  • Fixed QTE difficulty for breaking enemies' grip while using mouse
  • Removed static texture on burning candles inside the church (Separate Ways)
  • Re-tuned animation speed at which cannon shells are launched in Separate Ways Chapter 4
  • Fixed one pixel-width vertical line that was uncovered on the left side of the screen in Credits and Options menu[1]