To China is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Leon Chapter 3.


However, upon arriving at the surface, Leon and Helena bear witness to yet another tragedy: in what must be an attempt to contain the outbreak, Tall Oaks is eradicated by missile strike. Suffering the same fate as Raccoon City, the once picturesque city is wiped off the map. Helena noted that Simmons succeed his plan to destroy evidence.

Elsewhere, Hunnigan find Simmons on his way to China, where by no small coincidence, a similar bioterror attack has begun. She immediately informs Leon and Helena. Prime suspects in the assassination of the president, Leon and Helena, enlist Hunnigan's help in faking their own deaths, and then follow Simmons to China.


Helena: "He's sterilizing the area."

Leon: "And destroying the evidence."

Helena: "How could he?"

Hannigan: "Thank God you're still alive!"

Leon: "Where's Simmons?"

Hannigan: "After speaking with you he left... In a hurry."

Leon: "Shit!"

Helena: "Where did he go?"

Hannigan: "As he was leaving, he was talking to someone on the phone."
"He didn't sound too happy."

Helena: "Any way we can find out where he went?"

Hannigan: "Don't worry, I've got a tail on him."
"He's on his way to the airport right now where his private jet is preparing to leave for China."

Leon: "China?"

Hannigan: "Yes. Take a look at these."

Helena: "What happened?"

Hannigan: "Another bioterrorism attack."
"The BSAA confirmed it was the same one used in Eastern Europe six months ago called the "C-virus"."

Leon: "C-virus..."

Helena: "We saw cocoons just like that here!"

Leon: "We need to stop Simmons and take him into custody right away."

Hannigan: "We have no evidence, and right now you two are on the top of their list of suspects."

Helena: "No..."

Leon: "Listed, Hunnigan, I need you to fake our deaths. Can you do that?"

Helena: "What?"

Hannigan: "Of course, but they'll figure it out eventually."
"What are you going to do?"

Leon: "We're going to China."

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