To the Boat is a cutscene that is part of the Resident Evil 6 storyline. It is played during the Chapter 4 of Jake Story.


Before they can use a river raft to travel across water, the two dangerously sailed into an ambush, where the Ubistvo that they had seemingly defeated earlier returned for some revenge. Just when they began to think they were doomed, a gunshot sounded out and hit the Ubistvo. Surprised and unsure if the bullet had been from a friend or foe, Sherry and Jake can proceed to the boat. However, the Ubistvo revived and tries to hunt them down in the river raft.


Sherry: "Koocheng is up ahead, at the mouth of the river.
Jake: "All right. Come on.
"You're worried about Simmons, right? You're gonna be fine, OK?"
"Let's go!"
"Was that you?"

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