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Tokyo is the capital city of the island nation of Japan. It was one of the epicentres of the Global T-Virus pandemic, and later, headquarters for an Umbrella facility in which Albert Wesker resided in.[1]


By the start of the 21st century, the Umbrella Corporation had grown in size and power with the application of its T-virus as a medicinal product as well as a military weapon. The company's leadership, with the exception of Alicia Marcus, unanimously supported Dr. Alexander Isaacs plan to unleash the T-virus around the world to combat overpopulation and, after a ten-year period to ensure total destruction, release an airborne anti-virus along with cryogenically-preserved Umbrella personnel to thrive in the new world. The executive body then entered a bunker beneath Raccoon City's "Hive" facility, and had their clones run the corporation, left unaware of the plan.

While the Raccoon City outbreak, arranged through Spence, was stopped by a nuclear detonation, an outbreak in Tokyo succeeded in spreading across the world.[2] In the years after, Umbrella's leadership designated the Tokyo facility its global headquarters, and Albert Wesker held global meetings from it. To keep the facility protected from mutants or armed survivors, the marksmen of Umbrella's security forces were positioned on Tokyo's rooftops.

Some time following the destruction of the cloned Dr. Isaacs' facility in Nevada, Alicia Marcus' rogue clone, Alice, led an assault on the headquarters. Losing the fighting, Wesker was forced to abandon the facility in a tiltrotor, and detonate a powerful bomb behind him. The bomb's enormous blast radius destroyed a significant area of Tokyo.

Places in Tokyo

  • 109 - a department store in Shibuya, used by the Umbrella security forces a sniper's post.[3]
  • Cerulean Tower - a skyscraper in Shibuya, used by the Umbrella security forces a sniper's post.[3]
  • Shibuya Crossing - a scramble crossing in the Shibuya Special Ward, outside the train station. It is here that J Pop Girl attacks Business Man.[2]
  • Nippon Budokan - an arena used for sports and music events. Madonna played at this arena at the time of the outbreak.[3]
  • Zatoichi Square - a train station part of the Tokyo Metro. It was located above Umbrella's bunker.


Further notes

  • It is interesting to note that the Japanese text on the Zatoichi Square sign do not make any reference to such a station or the Tokyo Metro. There is also no real place called Zatoichi Square, though this may be a reference to the cult franchise, Zatōichi.


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