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Tom (トム tomu?) (also referred to as Subject 639) was an orphan who lived at the Raccoon City Orphanage.


On February 5th, 1998, Tom began writing in his diary about his disappoinment in not receiving any letters back from his friend Oliver in the months since being 'adopted', Tom notes that this behavior is common for every kid that leaves the orphanage, but that he expected different from Oliver who he assumes is now "living like a king in some fancy folks' home and forgotten all about us" and calls himself a fool for believing they'd be friends for life.

Three days later, Tom writes about Ann scaring the younger kids by telling them that "All the kids that get adopted are turned into food for the 'boogie men.' That's why no one hears from them ever again." and writes that she has the mind for trashy horror novels. Five days later, Tom writes his assumption that something weird going on at the orphanage, since neither he or the other children are allowed to call people on the phone or go outside. He also questions the consistent presence of doctors and daily shots the children receive, even though the is aware the orphanage is owned by a pharmaceutical company.

The next day, Tom writes that he has been informed that he is being adopted and will be leaving the orphanage on the 20th. He expresses a degree of disbelief, having thought himself too old to be adopted but shares notable excitement and proclaims he's going to try his best to be a good son. Tom's final entry is dated February 19, the night before his supposed adoption, where he writes that Oliver had returned to the orphanage in the middle of the night, screaming "help me". Tom notes that "his face was all peeling and melted off" and that Oliver has been taken by the teachers and doctors who have reassured Tom that it's "just a skin thing" and that Oliver will get better soon.[1]

After Oliver had been detained by the faculty, the director of the facility, Brian Irons, wrote a letter to his superior detailing the events, noting that Oliver (referred to as Subject 628) had escaped the NEST facility and sought help at the orphanage.[2] In fear of potential exposure among the facility's candidate pool, Irons ordered the speedy elimination of all remaining "test subject candidates" as a precaution, an order conducted by the security team.[3]

After detaining Oliver, who had slight resistance to the effects of the T-Virus, it was decided Oliver was to be administered a dose of the G-Virus and then enclosed with Tom due to their close relationship. While Oliver showed some signs of struggle, he nevertheless implanted Tom with an G-embryo in only 24 minutes. This experiment worked to prove that T-Virus resistance did nothing to stop the mental deterioration caused by the G-Virus.[4]