Tom was one of a group of eight men captured by Umbrella and prepared for experimentation.


While being transported on a train to the death castle, he and Billy managed to pick their handcuffs open. As elements of the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team boarded the train, Tom and Billy used the distraction as an opportunity to break out of their cell and steal the two guards' guns. Succeeding at this, the eight men ran through the train in search of a way off. Bumping into Rebecca along the way, Tom punched her in the stomach to allow himself past. The detainees unable to find a way out, Umbrella's remaining guards ambushed them in a corridor. Tom lived long enough to arm a grenade he stole from the cell guards; charging at the three remaining Umbrella agents, he sacrificed himself in a suicide bombing. While this removed Umbrella as a threat, the damage sustained by the train's on-board laboratory caused a biohazard.[1]


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