July 18, Saturday

It's been a long and ridiculous day, the end of a long and ridiculous week. I swear to God, I'm going to beat the crap out of Louis if he calls one more stupid meeting. Today it was whether or not we should add a new scenario into the Trisquad program, as if we need another one. All he really wanted was to get it on paper, and the rest of it was his usual bullshit - the importance of teamwork, the need to share information so we can all "stay on the right track." I mean, Jesus, it's like he can't live with the concept that a week might go out without his name on it. And he hasn't done dick since the Ma7 disaster, except to try and convince everyone that it was Chin's fauly; so much for not speaking ill of the dead. Sanctimonious prick. Alan and I talked over the implants yesterday, that's going well. He's going to write up the report this week, and we're not going to let Louis touch it. With any luck, we'll get a green light by the end of the month. Alan figures the White boys are going to want to run it past Birkin, though God only knows why; B. doesn't give a shit what we're doing out here, he's off being brilliant again. I have to admit it, I'm looking forward to his next synthesis; maybe we can work out some of the bugs in the Trisquads.

There was a minor scare in D on Wednesday, in 101. Someone left the refrigerator open, and Kim swears that there are some chemicals missing, though I'm starting to think she's miscounting again. Hard to believe she's in charge of the infection process, the woman's a dite and she's sloppy as hell when it comes to maintaining the equipment. I'm surprised she hasn't managed to infect the entire compound. God knows there's enough in there to do it. I should probably get over to D myself, make sure everything's ready for tomorrow. Got a new batch shipping in, and Griffith actually asked to watch the process; first time he's come out of the lab in weeks; first time he's ever taken an interest in what the rest of us are doing. I know it's stupid, but I want him to be impressed; he's as brilliant as Birkin, in his own creepy way. I think he even intimidates Louis, and Louis is generally too stupid to scare. More later.

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