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"The shit's hit the fan, Kevin. This place is dangerous. Go and help Marvin. I'll go check in on the kennel. Can't leave the dogs behind."
— Tony speaks with Kevin following the evacuation plan.

Tony was an officer of the Raccoon Police Department who operated in the K-9 division as a police dog handler. He was one of the last surviving handful of officers barricaded within the police station on September 27-28.[1]


As a last surviving member of the RPD, Tony was involved in Marvin Branagh's final escape plan regarding escaping through the vent shaft system. As a member of the K-9 division, he informed the survivors that he would be bringing the dogs to the evacuation point in order to save them. The dogs, however, were already infected with the t-Virus and mauled Tony close to death before he managed to escape.  Officer Kevin Ryman finds him mortally wounded in an empty pen and speaks with him before Tony ultimately dies of his wounds.


"...Kevin? Is that you? Even the dogs... The dogs... turned like the others... It's too late... for me. Go on, Kevin... Survive!..."
— Tony's last words to Kevin.

Tony can be unlocked along with Fred, Andy, and Jean in an NPC character set simply by beating the "Desperate Times" scenario on any difficulty with any character and purchasing the set for 5000 points in the collection menu. He can be used in File #1 by using File #2's Data Convert feature.

The following is a translated adaptation of information found in the BIOHAZARD OUTBREAK FILE 2 GRAND BIBLE.
Name Tony
Model Mark
Vitality 2600~3000
Infection rate 2.03%
Movement speed 0.75
Attack modifier X0.91
Starting condition DANGER
Starting items Iron Pipe

Further notes[]

  • His name is spelled "TONNY" in File #1.
  • Tony will already be dead if another character besides a Kevin-type examines him in the kennel.



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