Raccoon City handyman David King carries a Tool Belt as his personal item. It contains four items: tools enabling him to fashion deadly weapons from everyday objects, parts for repairing broken items, wrenches, and a pocket knife. Like all other personal items, the Tool Belt cannot be discarded.

Contents of the Tool Belt

  • The Folding Knife can be equipped as a weapon and used in David's "Knife Combo" attack.
  • The Monkey Wrenches are also used in another of David's special actions. He throws a wrench that causes heavy damage. However, he carries only a limited amount per scenario (12).
  • The Junk Parts can be used three times per scenario to fix a broken item, such as a "Broken Handgun" or "Broken Shotgun". In one instance, these junk pieces can also be used to turn a useless replica of "M79" into a fully functional weapon. In another stance, it can be combined with a battery to create a time bomb.
  • The Vinyl Tape can be used nine times per scenario to combine certain items into homemade weapons. Items include the "Battery" and "Iron Pipe", "Butcher Knife" and "Wooden Pole", "Lighter" and "Pesticide Spray", etc. David's tape (all nine pieces) can also be used to seal leaking pipes.

Makeshift Weapons

David can make the following weapons using the Vinyl Tape by combining two certain items. A successful creation consumes one Vinyl Tape. They are:



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